S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 407 | Eric Striker Hails China as Liberators

Ideology is a hell of a drug.

The communist government of China has found an unlikely defender in the pseudonymous Alt-Right personality Eric Striker, who recently joined the WHO, the NBA, NBC/Universal, and a whole chorus of far-left media talking heads who are all going waaaaay out of their way to defend the honor of the Chinese.

In a recent article, he calls it an “unfounded conspiracy theory” to suggest that the Chinese manufactured the Wu Flu — even though the bats from which it came aren’t native to the area where the outbreak first occurred, and even though there are viral research facilities within walking distance of Wuhan’s wet markets.

Hailing them as “potential liberators” of the entire Asian continent, Striker claims that the Chinese Belt and Road initiative (BRI) will undermine the powers of American finance based in Washington and New York. The BRI will certainly undermine the Federal Reserve and the dollar’s de facto status as the international unit of exchange, sure. But will it “liberate” China’s neighbors (or anyone, for that matter) from the influence of global finance, or will it simply transfer the seat of global government from the United States to China?

I’m going to explore the question and critique Striker’s recent article on the subject.

This is EPISODE 407 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

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