S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 427 | The FBI Could Set You Up Next

The FBI might come for you next.

If the Michael Flynn case has taught as anything, it’s that our Federal law enforcement agencies are totally politicized and used as cudgels against those who offend the deep state and the beneficiaries thereof.

Some have speculated that Obama holdovers had it out for Flynn from the beginning because of his stint in the Office of National Intelligence during the previous administration, but what if it’s more sinister than that? John Bolton ended up with Flynn’s job (after MacMaster was let go). As we now know, Bolton was critical to the entire impeachment hoax. Did they pillory Flynn knowing that his eventual successor would help them impeach Trump?

And what about the threats against Flynn’s son? Were they going after him for LEGITIMATE reasons, or were they going after him for his interest in Pizzagate? And then also… What about the fact that the same FBI playbook was used against Trump supporters with far less influence? For example: Roger Stone, and even Christopher Cantwell.

The similarities between the FBI’s treatment of Cantwell and the FBI’s treatment of Flynn and Stone are actually uncanny. I’m going to discuss this in-depth and also get into some petrodollar coverage to give you guys a reprieve from the wall-to-wall Wu Flu news.

This is EPISODE 427 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

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