S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 439 | We Were Warned

If you had said ten or twenty years ago that the Deep State is trying to impose a one world order through the intentional destruction of families and small business, the imposition of universal mass surveillance, the stoking of irrational climate and virus alarmism, the prohibition of cash, and the barring of those who resist from the internet and financial system, your friends and family probably would have handed you a tin foil hat or looked at you like you were a threat to yourself and others.

Fast forward to the current year and rootless internationalists are openly admitting to these accusations in the pages of Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Maybe someone in the media or the permanent Washington establishment will find the time and integrity to circle back and apologize for defaming Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and David Icke as conspiracy theorists over their all-too-prescient warnings over the decades, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

For today’s episode, we’re going to be doing a deep dive into the latest news on the “cashless society” agenda the media is currently conditioning the public to accept. We’ll be celebrating those who called the situation accurately, forgiving those who avoided the topic entirely, and lamenting those who actively misled and continue to mislead people to believe this wasn’t a real possibility or explanation for foreign and domestic — including some of my own competitors in this space.

This is EPISODE 439 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

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