S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 445 | Taking a Knee While Weimerica Burns

Thanks for the virtue signal, police officers. Very cool!

America is literally on fire because police departments around the country have seemingly been ordered to stand down in the face of a coordinated domestic terror attack.

The military is likewise suspiciously absent from the fray (or unarmed in the rare cases that they ARE present) — perhaps because Ivanka cried, perhaps because Kushner lied, or perhaps because the media started kvetching in unison about the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces not having the authority to use said forces during the largest sustained domestic terror attack in American history.

“Antifa doesn’t have a defined organization or structure!”, say Antifa’s co-conspirators in the media who potentially stand to be charged as accessories as a result of Antifa’s terrorist designation.

“This is a clear violation of the rules!”

Funny, I don’t recall hearing any such such qualms from the media when it came to the PATRIOT Act, the various iterations of the National Defense Authorization Act, the targeting of so-called “sovereign citizens”, or the targeting of the “alt right”.

The left seems to sing a different tune when they and theirs end up in the crosshairs of a Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Meanwhile, guns sales have surged by 88% (oy vey!) because most people understand intuitively that they have to be able to defend themselves in the inevitable eventuality that police and the military “take a knee” while their homes and businesses are pillaged and destroyed.

The gun control debate in this country should be over for at least a couple generations because of this, but shitlibs will probably make examples out of those who dare to defend themselves as a means to impose even further restrictions on the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens — all while their pet blacks and communists burn America to the ground.

It would be hard to believe this Orwellian nightmare is happening if we weren’t living through it. I’ll have comments from political prisoner Christopher Cantwell on the topic, who was himself attacked by domestic terrorist organization Antifa in 2017 — and then arrested for defending himself and monitored by the FBI for nearly three years. Antifa, like Al-Qaeda, was apparently getting help from the Federal Government.

This is EPISODE 445 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

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