It’s long past time I made a frequently asked questions page, so here it is. I can’t reply to every one of your questions individually, so I’ll refer you here.

Q. What is the comment policy?

1. No links will be posted in comments under any circumstances. If you put a hyperlink in a comment, the comment system will automatically hold your comment for moderation, and I will never approve it. Even links to other pages of this blog will probably never be seen, because I just don’t have the time or the inclination to go and read through every self promotional piece of shit that get’s posted to the comments here. Make your point in some other way, hyperlinks are not allowed.

2. If you want to promote something here, buy an advertisement. I am here to spread my ideas and sustain my existence, not to assist my rivals by driving traffic to their websites. I worked for years as the abuse admin at a major internet service provider, I know that spammers find innovative ways of evading spam detection systems. I know that just having your name in the comments section is in and of itself a form of promotion. The fact that your spam did not contain a hyperlink makes it no less spammy. The ad space here is affordable, if you can’t afford $30/month to promote your brand, then your brand doesn’t deserve to be promoted here or anywhere else.

3. Comments should advance a discussion and address the issue at hand. I honestly welcome disagreement, and even hostility. If you respond to my economic analysis by calling me fat, you’re not only wrong, you’re a useless bloviating dullard who shouldn’t be breathing the same air as me. If you are purposely spreading misinformation, you’re a liar and I’ll ostracize you. If you haven’t read the article or watched the video, you shouldn’t be commenting on it. You might get your comment deleted, you might get a warning, or you might get banned, it all depends on my mood at the time. If you just want to say something nasty about me without putting any thought into it, share the post on your social media outlets and have your hatefest there, I’m no longer going to let you derail discussion here.

4. There are brands and individuals that I am ostracizing. They will not be mentioned here, not in articles, and not in comments. If you see me obviously referring to someone, but not mentioning them by name or linking to them, don’t say who it is. I am denying them the exposure on purpose. This won’t get you banned unless you’re obviously doing it on purpose, but I’ll be adding their names as keywords to blacklist from comments. That means your comment will get moderated and nobody will ever see it.

Q. Is this site real?

A. Mostly, yes. I try to make things entertaining, some are articles are categorized as comedy, but you should feel free to take almost all of it literally. I really do think it’s morally justifiable to kill police and other government agents, as they are the violent oppressors of free humanity. I really do think feminism is a hate movement and full of shit that this world would just be better off without. I really do think race baiting is a bigger problem than racism. I really do think the world would be better off if some people just killed themselves. I really do believe that government is a completely fictitious excuse to do harm, and nothing else, and that violent overthrow is the only solution.

Q. Is this your real name?

A. Yes, my real name is Christopher Cantwell. It says this name on my drivers license, and if I paid taxes I would pay taxes in this name. I ran for Congress under this name. If I were to apply for a full time job, the employer would find this website. That’s why this website is my primary source of income, and you should consider donating or advertising here if you support my work, like so many other generous people and savvy advertisers already have.

Q. Where do you live? I want to make threats of violence against you!

A. I’m not hard to find, pussy. Your threats don’t scare me, I’m a 225lbs trained fighter with a concealed carry license and firearms training. I’ve also been locked up with scarier guys than you. See me when you see me, and stop talking shit on the internet, you fucking bitch. If you were really ’bout it we wouldn’t be having this conversation, would we?

Q. Were you kicked out of such and such organization?

A. Probably, and fuck them.

Q. Are you an alcoholic?

A. Yes, but as of the time of this writing I have about of being month alcohol free. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that this could change at any minute, though. So feel free to assume I’m a fuckin drunkard, because I don’t care how you feel about it. If I drink I do it for me, if I’m sober I do it for me, and you have sweet fuck all to do with it.

I’ll update this as more questions need answering.