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Advertise With Christopher Cantwell

For the right product or service, advertising on can be an excellent opportunity to connect with a demographic that is ready to do business with you, right now. Among others, this site attracts critical thinkers, libertarians, people who care about freedom, history, economics, philosophy, self sufficiency, men’s issues, health, nootropics, emergency preparedness, literature, media, technology, and more.

  • On an average day we’ll see between 2,000-5,000 unique visitors.
  • Our record page view count for a single day was 70,892.
  • According to, our audience is mostly male, college educated, and living in the United States.
  • Our Alexa Rank as of 08/28/2015 was 217,905, which makes this one of the most popular libertarian websites on Earth.
  • We provide detailed reports of your clicks and impressions each month.
  • Far more bang for your buck than Facebook or AdWords ads.

Click here to select your advertising package and pay with PayPal. Your package will renew automatically each month until you cancel. If you want to pay in Bitcoin, select offline payment and send Bitcoin to 1CfuBqpTnpjeBnDPc44mr9fh2mKLDkcGKE

I can also help you with your graphics if you need help with that.

Please keep in mind that the cheapest advertising route will be through the form. I don’t mind helping you if you’re having trouble with the form, but if I have to get involved, you’ll be paying for my time as well as the advertisement.

Or you can use the contact form below, or contact me on one of my social networking platforms, to set up an advertising package that’s right for you. Again, please keep in mind that the form is always the cheapest advertising option. Please don’t use the contact form to ask for lower pricing.

If you want to support my work but don’t have a product, service, or website to advertise, please consider donating, shopping through our affiliate links.

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