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Radical Agenda EP325 – Promoting Violence

Radical Agenda EP325 - Promoting Violence

Donald Trump tweeted a video clip from his stint with the Word Wrestling Federation. In it, he tackles and punches his opponent, but his opponent has the CNN logo superimposed over his face. Apparently this is more important than health care, foreign policy, immigration, and everything else because the media hasn’t seemed to discuss anything but that and this Russia nonsense ever since. Trump stands accused of promoting violence against the press. My temptation is to say they are overreacting,

Radical Agenda EP324 – Catching Up

Radical Agenda EP324 - Catching Up

Between guests and calls, recent episodes have been light on news coverage. That’s great, it certainly makes my job easier, but there are a lot of stories I’ve been wanting to cover. So today we’ll do a special Saturday night episode of the Radical Agenda to try and get caught up. Here are some stories on my radar; Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners Paris ‘No Go Zones’ Where Migrants Terrorize Women Threaten its 2024

Radical Agenda EP323 – Clenched Fist of Truth

Radical Agenda EP323 - Clenched Fist of Truth

You might find this hard to believe, but the liberals are upset with the NRA. A video advertisement the gun rights lobby group published in April, recently became the subject of leftist hysteria after being reposted to the organization’s Facebook page. In it, Dana Loesch, an N.R.A. spokeswoman, says that the media, schools, and Hollywood elites are stirring up riots and protests amongst the left. The only answer to this “violence of lies” she says is the “closed fist of truth.” They

Radical Agenda EP322 – Pravdamericana

Radical Agenda EP322 - Pravdamericana

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has once again exposed the mainstream media as little more than agenda driven propagandists. First releasing a tape of CNN medical producer John Bonifield saying the “Russia story” was complete BS being promoted for the sake of ratings. Then,  after CNN dismissed Bonfield’s speculations as irrelevant to the facts of the case, O’Keefe released another video of Van Jones saying the investigation was a “nothing burger”. This comes out on the heels of CNN retracting a

Recent Appearances June 2017

Recent Appearances June 2017

On Father’s Day I had the pleasure of joining the fine folks over at Exodus Americanus for the 73rd episode of their program. We had a lot of fun, and I’m certain you’ll enjoy their style. Exodus Americanus 73: Radical Exodus   Then I had the pleasure of rejoining Mike Enoch and Sven for episode 165 of The Daily Shoah. THE DAILY SHOAH #165: Radical A-Shoah Then it was off to Washington DC for a Free Speech rally with such

Radical Agenda EP321 – Escape from DC

Radical Agenda EP321 - Escape from DC

Home, sweet home. I’m so happy to be back to my sorry excuse for a studio in Keene, New Hampshire. It’s been a fun trip, with stops in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and even the District of Criminals. I got to hang out with Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Augustus Invictus, and too many other great people to list here, all while getting called a Nazi by communist filth in need of helicopter rides. The whole thing started off as a

Who Protests Like A Leftist?

Who Protests Like A Leftist?

Recently some right wing activists disrupted a play which depicted the assassination of President Donald Trump. The breech of peace was out of character for reactionaries, who generally tend to prefer order and civility, over the chaos and destruction their leftist rivals have become notorious for. Reaction was mixed, but mostly negative. Predictably, leftists condemned the act, though not due to it failing to meet their high standards of civil discourse. They do this kind of thing (and far worse)

Radical Agenda EP320 – Invasion of DC

Radical Agenda EP320 - Invasion of DC

I’m just outside of Washington DC, getting ready to meet up with Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, and a whole lot of Radical Agenda listeners for a free speech demonstration. Details are still kinda fuzzy, but I’ll update you when I can. This blog post is a placeholder because I’m in a hurry. Show starts soon. I’m still banned from streaming to YouTube. Catch the live video stream on UStream. Listen live on the TuneIn app! Got Roku? We’re on there too!

I Just Got Verified on

I Just Got Verified on
You may have heard that I am less than satisfied with some actions of the more prominent video hosting platforms. I have been seeking a way to get my content out there without falling victims to the political whims of my rivals, and the pickings are rather slim due to the backgrounds of people who control our financial system. I decided to check out, and the platform does look appealing. So I uploaded some videos to the platform. Shortly
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Radical Agenda EP319 – Father’s Day Rants

Radical Agenda EP319 - Father's-Day Rants

I won’t be doing a live show today, but I have a fresh episode for you nonetheless. I went down to New York to see my folks yesterday. In the car on the ride over I was energetic and thinking and had my recorder with me. So in between listening to last night’s episode of the Radical Agenda, I took some voice notes and went on some rants on record. I was going to put them behind the paywall, but

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