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I Almost Killed Somebody Last Night

I Almost Killed Someone Last Night

Recently, there have been some thefts at my friend Ian’s house. So I have been taking it upon myself to sit on his porch at night in an effort to catch the crooks in the act. Last night I was there until around 3am, and on my way home, I heard women crying, and men yelling at them on Main Street in Keene New Hampshire. I approached them with my camera phone recording the scene. There were two men, and two

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Police Militarization – Round 2

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Police Militarization

“Thanks but no Tanks!” That was the slogan adopted when the Keene, NH police department sought to get their hands on a Lenco Bearcat. It was the first major pushback in the country against police militarization. The armored personnel carrier largely sits collecting dust today, because despite much hysteria in the media, there is no crime to speak of in this city, much less terrorism. Later, the Concord police department submitted a grant request with the Department of Homelands Security

Left, Right, and Liberty – Revisited

Left, Right, and Liberty - Revisited

Let’s face facts, libertarians. We’re outnumbered, dramatically. As a minority ruled by a democratically elected government, this presents a serious problem for us. We’re over here hopping from one foot to the next, tackling issues from a certain perspective, while the witless oblivious masses are electing rulers who smash liberty to smithereens from all directions. This obviously brings with it the temptation to make certain alliances with ideologues and moderates from different camps. Most notably, this will come in the form of

I Rejoined The Libertarian Party

I Rejoined The Libertarian Party

As regular readers might recall, the Libertarian Party was one of my first stops when I started to become very interested in liberty. It wasn’t much of an organization. Just a dozen or so activists staring down the collective barrell of the guns of the State, not entirely sure what to do about it. This was back in New York, a place where even the Republicans want to raise taxes and grab guns, so however small and ineffective the party may have

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Minimum Wage

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs Minimum Wage

New Hampshire has no minimum wage, save for that dictated to us by the Federal Government. A bill before the New Hampshire legislature would change that, making our minimum wage $16/hour. That’s higher than the current highest in the US, which is San Francisco’s at $15/hour. Several other bills make more moderate proposals. I went to the state capitol to confront the legislature, because as long as there is a minimum wage, it will always be simultaneously too high, and

My Path to Radical Celebritarianism

My Path to Radical Celebritarianism

This post took a few turns since I first started it. As some of you may be aware, I’m working on a book, and this website is part of that project. I’m basically sharing my notes with all of you as I write them, and at some point these notes will be weaved into a cohesive story line. I wanted to include in that book, the story of how I became a libertarian. That story however, begins at birth, as

Anarcho-Lobbyists Confront Concord

Anarcho-Lobbyists Confront Concord

For quite some time, Keene activists have been visiting the legislative office building in Concord, NH to attend committee hearings and testify before them. I never much cared for this form of activism. I saw it as begging the State for permission. A deed no dignified anarchist should lower himself to. Then I found out that I could open carry my revolver there. You heard me right. Even me, the guy who wrote Gabby Giffords Begs for Another Bullet, and Violently Overthrow the

7 Steps To Becoming a Celebritarian

7 Steps to Becoming a Celebritarian

A certain envious groupie recently published a nonsense list of steps towards becoming a celebritarian, in an apparent effort to defame Adam Kokesh. Lest anyone make the tragic mistake of taking this woman seriously, I thought I might publish a list of my own. This is a serious article, and as such, it is geared towards men. Ladies, you don’t need a list. You just show up, and an army of thirsty white knight losers will put you on all sorts of pedestals. Step

Cop Block Founder Threatened with Banishment from Court!

Cop Block Founder Threatened with Banishment from Court

This morning Ademo Freeman and I went to court to fight a speeding ticket he caught a few weeks ago. I brought my camera with me, because unlike most court houses, we get to record our hearings in New Hampshire. I recorded Ademo’s negotiation with the prosecutor, but it was pretty uneventful. He understandably didn’t want to pay the State any money, or spend any extra time in their court, so he negotiated for community service, and we proceeded to

Ross Ulbricht Trial Begins January 13th

Ross Ulbricht Trial

Ross Ulbricht faces life in prison for allegedly running the “Silk Road” drug market website under the alias “Dread Pirate Roberts”. The prosecution has pulled out all the stops, taking every dirty trick in the book to this case, and even writing a few new ones. They will be presenting “uncharged crimes”, alleging before the jury that Ross hired hitmen to assassinate people, without ever having to prove that he did. This obvious attempt to bias the jury against him

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