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Interview: I View Them As Vermin

Interview: I View Them As Vermin

I was recently invited onto the “Liberty Hangout Podcast” to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis, and some critiques of my style in addressing issues. My hostility toward leftists and the Black Lives Matter demonstrators was of particular interest to the interviewers. To the leftists, I said “I view them as vermin” an infestation which ought to be eliminated from our presence. I’m thoroughly convinced that sane people cannot live in the same geographic area as any considerable concentration of leftists, much less

My Chat with

I had a fun conversation about the fallout with Free Talk Live, white nationalism, and anarcho-capitalism with the boys from last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, and I suspect you will too.

For The Second Year In A Row, LFNYC Cancels Cantwell

For The Second Year in a Row, LFNYC Cancels Cantwell

LibertyFest NYC is an event marketed to libertarians which takes place yearly in New York City since 2010. Like many such events, it started off oriented toward advancing a cause, and then rapidly descended into little more than an effort to sell overpriced drinks to people who were dumb enough to buy tickets. Aside from the futility of spreading liberty in a place where carrying a handgun legally is damn near impossible, cigarettes are up to $15 a pack, and the mayor

Keenevention 2014 Media Panel

Keenevention Media Panel

In October I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel of fellow media producers in Keene New Hampshire at a yearly conference known as Keenevention. We discussed topics ranging from audio and video equipment and software, to marketing, to the creative process. With me were Mark Edge of Free Talk Live, Garrett Ean, Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, and Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Podcast.

White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte

White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte

A Free Talk Live caller had an epiphany about human nature as he rescued a damsel in distress at Foxy Lady Latte in Washington state. In case you didn’t already know, Foxy Lady Latte is a place where half naked girls serve you coffee. A brilliant marketing gimmick if I’ve ever heard of one. “Mac” as he called himself, said he used to be a progressive, lefty, liberal. He thought people were stupid and evil, hence the need for government programs. I

Free Talk Live 12/10/2014

Free Talk Live 12/10/2014

Every Wednesday from 7-10pm EST I co-host Free Talk Live, a nationally syndicated talk radio show that airs on over 150 broadcast stations throughout the United States. If it doesn’t air near you, you can always listen live at or on TuneIn, or iHeartRadio, or pick up the podcast from iTunes. Last night we had a great show, discussing the torture report, dating advice, wealth redistribution, killing cops, and some other great topics. Full video below, I’ll be uploading some

Telling off the FSP President

Telling off FSP President Carla Gericke

It’s been over a year since I was expelled from the Free State Project, and in October I finally got the opportunity to confront Carla Gericke, the President of the Free State Project at Keenevention. Believe it or not, I wasn’t going to say anything originally. This event was put on by Ian Freeman, and I didn’t want to hijack it to push my own agenda. But as Carla spoke, I became enraged. She was invited to speak at this event

The Constitution is Invalid

A Free Talk Live caller asked a question about the second amendment, and wound up with quite the history lesson as the hosts went to work dismantling the religious document commonly known as the US Constitution. See the entire episode here   I am in desperate need of money. So if you appreciate the work I do, please consider donating, or advertising here. Follow me on, UStream, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Subscribe via email and never miss another post!

Free Talk Live 11/26/2014

Every Wednesday from 7-10pm EST, I co-host Free Talk Live. FTL is a nationally syndicated talk radio show with open phone lines that airs on over 150 broadcast stations throughout the United States. If it doesn’t air near you, you can still listen on TuneIn, or at On this episode we discussed Derrick J’s pistol license hearing, Ferguson, the validity of the Constitution, and a number of other topics.   I am in desperate need of money. So if you

Camera Ambushed By Left Libertarian Garrett Ean

While out exercising I was confronted by left libertarian and fellow activist Garrett Ean in Keene, New Hampshire. Garrett apparently had written an article criticizing my confrontation with Matthew Schmidt, aka “Boston Strong” which had happened some weeks earlier.

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