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Radical Agenda EP123 – April Fools

Radical Agenda EP123 - April Fools

Last night I was smoking marijuana with several of my underage same sex otherkin lovers, and I realized something. I’ve been a really terrible person. I’ve offended so many people, and drifted so far from the universal human values of diversity and equality.  This stops today. The colonialism of my ancestors has saddled me with a responsibility to fight for social justice, and I will no longer feign innocence. Today we begin the long arduous journey toward righting the wrongs of the

The Daily Shoah! Episode 62: Strategic Buckles

The Daily Shoah w/

I once again had the pleasure of joining the fine upstanding huwhite men of for an episode of The Daily Shoah. On my previous appearance, I had appeared for a segment as the subject of an interview, but this time I was on their “Death Panel” for the entire show. So it didn’t center around me like previously, but we got to chime in on all manner of interesting subjects.

I Need A Pinochet!

I Need A Pinochet!

Have you ever just gotten so sick of left wing nonsense that you just wanted a right wing coup d’état to come in and start executing liberals? You’re not alone, I sometimes feel this way myself. Today I felt so strongly about it, I decided to write a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go. To the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero” – This is “I Need A Pinochet!” Play in new window |

#CocksNotGlocks – The Perfect Anti-Gun Rally

#CocksNotGlocks - The Perfect Anti-Gun Rally

Usually when I read about stupid things liberals do, I fear for the survival of humanity, and I become very angry. Today I found myself in tears, but it was due to laughter. A planned demonstration at the University of Texas at Austin takes aim at a law allowing students with concealed carry licenses to bring their guns on campus. Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 11, the campus carry law, in June. Starting in August 2016, the law will allow properly-licensed

The Last Time I Bought Steel Beams

The Last Time I Bought Steel Beams

Steel beams. We’ve all bought them at one point or another. Sometimes though, these pesky things are made out of super strong material. One time I bought them, and as we often do, I tried to melt them using standard jet fuel. Damn things wouldn’t melt. Can you believe that? Well I wasn’t about to get scammed again. This time when I contacted the seller, I made sure to get a guarantee. I’m kidding of course, but a listener of my

Some Garbage Podcast EP019 – Go DeFOO Yaself!

A Defense of DeFOO

It’s not your fault that you’re a miserable drunk who tuned into this program for the purpose of hearing me treat people badly. It’s because your mommy didn’t love you enough. Just kidding, it’s all your fault. But your family sucks too. Let’s discuss DeFOOing, the act of separating oneself from one’s family of origin. Then we’ll probably go off the rails and discuss other things. That’s kinda how we do things… Tonight, and every Friday from 5-7pm EST, it’s

Some Garbage Podcast EP018 – GayKay 47

Marcel Fontaine joins the show during his visit to Keene. He was recently named one of the top 40 under 40 libertarian activists by the Tony Stiles show, and he’s looking to move to Keene, the liberty media capitol of the world. Who knows what we’ll be talking about? I haven’t the vaguest idea, but Marcel is a politically incorrect gay guy so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a blast. Maybe I’ll finally come out of the closet or

White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte

White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte

A Free Talk Live caller had an epiphany about human nature as he rescued a damsel in distress at Foxy Lady Latte in Washington state. In case you didn’t already know, Foxy Lady Latte is a place where half naked girls serve you coffee. A brilliant marketing gimmick if I’ve ever heard of one. “Mac” as he called himself, said he used to be a progressive, lefty, liberal. He thought people were stupid and evil, hence the need for government programs. I

When Statists Get It Right, and Libertarians Get It Wrong

There’s an interesting article out by a local hate group here in Keene. They went about social media, observing the cannibalistic feeding frenzy libertarians went into in the wake of The Colbert Report episode featuring myself and others on Wednesday night. They took screen shots, and made commentary about how libertarians were turning on each other, all because some liberal comedian made fun of them. I really do hate to give these people any credit, they’re terrible excuses for human

The Bad Press Myth

There is no such thing as “bad press”. To change hearts and minds, one must first get ears, and eyeballs. There are many absurd dogmas in this world. The State, religions, law of attraction, broken mirrors, this list could get kinda long… I don’t spend a great deal of time trying to figure out where they came from, but I am thoroughly perplexed at how they persist throughout the ages. It seems obvious to me that the State is little more than

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