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Radical Agenda EP133 – Resignation

Radical Agenda EP133 - Resignation

Look at all the haters thinking the show’s about to end… Nope, sorry kids. I’m not going anywhere. The police in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado on the other hand, seems they’ve just about had it. All four members of the small town police department have resigned as a new mayor, Jane Newberry, was sworn in. Everybody in town seems pretty tight lipped about the whole thing, so if I’m entirely honest I’m writing this in the hopes that new information comes

Cuck Blocking Cop Block

Cuck Blocking Cop Block

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Cop Block Radio show. I was told it was to debate someone about my support for Donald Trump, but the conversation ended up turning to the Black Lives Matter movement and demographic disparities in crime and police encounters. Unsurprisingly, most of the panel members were outright convinced that we simply live under a white supremacist criminal justice system, and that police were just out hunting down black people for sport.

Planned Parenthood Shooter – Scanner Feed

Planned Parenthood Shooter - Scanner Feed

Oddly enough, it appears someone has become quite upset about a baby murder mill. There is an active shooter story ongoing at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Upwards of 20 shots have been fired. At least three police officers have been injured, and possibly a number of abortion providers. We haven’t heard if there were any innocent people hurt. 150 people are inside. Gunfire erupted recently after a two hour lull. Officers have eyes on the shooter, according to the scanner feed.

Radical Agenda EP065 – Apocalypse

Radical Agenda EP065 - Apocalypse

The news yesterday was so crazy, that even as an atheist, if the next headline to cross my newsfeeds read “Jesus has returned to judge the living and the dead” I’d have simply said “That certainly explains a lot”. To make matters worse, these headlines were all the beginnings of things, not ends. So we can be sure that by the time I go on air, situations will have gotten considerably worse. The conflict in Syria has reached a startling

Badges: A License To Rape

Badges: A License To Rape

A yearlong investigation by The Associated Press has found about 1,000 law enforcement officers who lost their licenses in a six-year period for sex related offenses on the job. The AP determined that some 550 officers lost their licenses from 2009 through 2014 for sexual assault, including rape, pat-downs that amounted to groping, and shakedowns in which citizens were extorted into performing favors to avoid arrest. Some 440 other officers were decertified for other sex offenses or misconduct, including child pornography, voyeurism

Radical Agenda EP054 – My Hero

Radical Agenda EP054 - My Hero

Remember that hero cop who was gunned down in Illinois back in September? Remember the relentless “war on cops” narrative it fed into? Remember the massive manhunt that ensued searching for his killers? Remember the hour long funeral procession where citizens lined up along the streets to salute the fallen veteran officer who selflessly laid down his life for the citizens of Fox Lake? Yeah, turns out that was a bunch of bullshit. As it turns out, Lt. Joe Gliniewicz wasn’t just kidnapping,

Bad Rhetoric on Excessive Force

Bad Rhetoric on Excessive Force

For libertarians, there are few things we enjoy more than saying nasty things about police. Unfortunately, this walks a fine line between subversive undermining of State authority, and left wing pacifist and gun control propaganda. Police and military make easy targets for pointing out the violence inherent in the system, because they are the ones doing most of the violence. So they are certainly worth picking on, but it is important not to fall into leftist rhetoric traps when doing so.

Radical Agenda EP031 – Fire Drill

Radical Agenda EP031 - Fire Drill

Lacking foreknowledge of what will be in the headlines when we all wake up this afternoon, I’m going to assume the world is still going to hell in a hand-basket by the time the show starts. A cop gets shot at by a white guy on the road for no apparent reason at all. He shot back, but ultimately wound up crashing his cruiser, which then caught fire, as the suspect got away. Surprisingly enough, the police in Millis Massachusetts were none too

Police Cruiser Catches Fire In Shootout

Police Cruiser Catches Fire In Shootout

Police in Millis Massachusetts are ordering people to “shelter in place” (a nice way of saying people are confined to their homes) after a police officer found himself in a shootout while driving on Forest road, reports the Milford Daily News. Millis Police Sgt. William Dwyer said at a 5 p.m. press briefing that a man driving a maroon pickup truck, possibly a Ford F150, fired at a police officer on Forest Road. The officer returned fire, firing two or three shots,

Cops Enter Wrong House and Shoot Each Other

Cops Break Into Wrong House and Shoot Each Other

Derek Perez thought he was looking out for his neighbors when he called 911 this past Monday. While walking his dog, he saw a what he described as suspicious person. The person in question knocked on the neighbor’s door, then just stood around on the front lawn. Shortly after, Perez heard a loud noise, a dog barking, and the man was suddenly out of sight. Seeing as to how there had been a number of break ins in the area, Perez thought

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