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That 84 Lumber Commercial

That 84 Lumber Commercial
So, the Patriots just won the Super Bowl. They said it was impossible, that nobody could make a comeback from that far behind that late in the game. I seem to remember hearing something like that last November. But everybody knows the truly important thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials, and I want to talk to you about the one 84 Lumber ran tonight. In case you haven’t seen it. The ad played during the game was a short
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Why I Don’t Give a Shit About Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle of American Sniper
A number of people have contacted me asking for my take on Chris Kyle, the subject of the film “American Sniper”. I hadn’t much looked into his story, other than hearing him on the Opie & Anthony show quite some time ago, and then hearing Jesse Ventura deny Kyle’s story on the same show later on. So I downloaded American Sniper, and I just finished watching it. It was a well produced bit of war propaganda. I’m really not even
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Keenevention 2014 Media Panel

Keenevention Media Panel

In October I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel of fellow media producers in Keene New Hampshire at a yearly conference known as Keenevention. We discussed topics ranging from audio and video equipment and software, to marketing, to the creative process. With me were Mark Edge of Free Talk Live, Garrett Ean, Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, and Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Podcast.

The Bad Press Myth

There is no such thing as “bad press”. To change hearts and minds, one must first get ears, and eyeballs. There are many absurd dogmas in this world. The State, religions, law of attraction, broken mirrors, this list could get kinda long… I don’t spend a great deal of time trying to figure out where they came from, but I am thoroughly perplexed at how they persist throughout the ages. It seems obvious to me that the State is little more than

UPDATED w/ Video – Chris Cantwell on The Colbert Report

Cantwell on the Colbert Report

This article has been updated to include the full video of the Colbert Report segment I was on. See the original article below. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t use most of the video that was taken. Overall, yes, they tried to make us look ridiculous, but you know that before you sign a waiver for the Colbert Report. I think it came out pretty well.   Here are the full YouTube videos from some of my Meter Maid encounters The Meter Maids

5 Steps to Handling Haters

If you’ve ever done something worth doing, somebody probably got pissed off. If you’re a highly effective person who is in the habit of doing good things, then you likely have a growing army of haters attacking you from all sides. The best of us thrive through this, and take it as a sign of success. Others unfortunately get discouraged, back down, and slump away. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but it can generally be summed up to

Liberals Are So Stupid, They Believe Their Own Parodies

When I first saw #CancelColbert trending, I got pissed off. Humor is under constant attack, and if comedians have to start thinking about who their jokes might offend before they tell them, we can expect to live in a world devoid of laughter. More than the economics, more than the violence, more than anything else, this is why I despise liberals to the very core. I am disgusted with them in a fashion that all my mastery of the English

Mark Dice Banned from YouTube

Why Was Mark Dice Banned from YouTube? Mark Dice is best known for making entertaining man on the street videos, exposing the ignorance of the American public. Whether he’s giving away Fukushima bottled water with a radioactive warning label, or petitioning to repeal the third amendment, the videos are always thought provoking and entertaining. Mark never uses profanity. He never advocates violence. He never uses any copyrighted material. To the best of our knowledge, he hasn’t violated any of YouTube’s

We’ve Already Had a “Libertarian” Frank Underwood

Should Libertarians be More Like Frank Underwood? I think it’s safe to say that if the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) was ever a worthwhile publication, that time has passed. From giving leftists like Cathy Reisenwitz a platform, to the most recent idiocy from Jeff Tucker, surely this institution could sink no lower, or so I thought. But every bottom has a basement, and every basement a trap door, and every trap door a shovel, there really is no limit

The Libertarian Super Bowl

Some people just don’t know how to have fun. Every time there is some major sporting or entertainment event, libertarians start calling people sheep, and insisting you study economics, listen to Alex Jones, or otherwise commiserate with them instead of enjoying it. In my own mind, that’s more antisocial than a Helen Keller rape joke any day of the week. Some of us do know how to have fun, and we don’t have to drop our passions to do so.