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Radical Agenda EP273 – Patriarchal Sport

Radical Agenda EP273 - Patriarchal Sport

Feminists blame a lot of things on the patriarchy. This is understandable in some sense, because men do in fact run the world. We always have, we always will, and anything women are doing in societies which think themselves quite progressive, they are doing because men have permitted them to. I used to get annoyed when feminists complained about this phenomenon, because obviously men endure horrific suffering in this world. We are almost all of the war casualties, even as

Radical Agenda EP272 – Without A Woman

Radical Agenda EP272 - Without A Woman

Justice is a bullet through every pink hat. Today is “international women’s day” and to celebrate, communists have taken the day off of work. This was only minimally disruptive, because most of these people don’t actually provide any value. The overpriced babysitters of the public school system have caused a few schools to close for the day, and of course it is too much to expect they would be disciplined for causing this shutdown, but other than that I think

Radical Agenda EP153 – Raping Culture

Radical Agenda EP153 - Raping Culture

I tore into some lunatics on the street yesterday, and while there are plenty of more discussion worthy events in the news today, I figure we’re going to have to discuss this one. I saw these feminist maniacs protesting “rape culture” in Central Square and decided to go talk to them on camera. Predictably they started uttering complete bullshit, so I stopped being polite and told them off rather belligerently. It’s a change in strategy¬†that came as a result of

How To Debate Rape Culture

How To Debate Rape Culture

Today I came upon some feminists who were protesting “rape culture” in Keene, New Hampshire’s Central Square. It’s a popular destination for activists of differing viewpoints thanks to the constant stream of traffic and high visibility. Unfortunately, no viewpoint is quite so toxic as that of the feminist. Particularly feminists of the “rape culture” fringe variety. They are trying to redefine the term rape in order to fit a twisted worldview¬†where men are perpetually victimizing women like some kind of

Radical Agenda EP142 – Magnificent Nonsense

Radical Agenda EP142 - Magnificent Nonsense

It has become popular as of late to say that liberalism is a mental illness, but I don’t think too many people actually realize how true this statement is. From time to time you’ll hear me say that leftists are the HIV/AIDS of our politics, attacking the immune system and destroying with force of law every healthy instinct in society. Their willingness and even insistence on holding simultaneous contradictory positions is the mark of an incapacity for reason. Mises called

Facebook is Censoring

Facebook is Censoring

Facebook has adopted a new addition to its algorithms that “auto reports” group posts to group admins, giving them the option to allow or delete the post if Facebook deems the post “offensive”. I had reported last week that they had deemed TrigglyPuff’s OKCupid profile offensive, and while the new feature troubled me, I did find it humorous and understandable. Firstly, that woman is repulsive and so the idea of her dating could be quite triggering to decent people, but

Radical Agenda EP120 – #DFL

Radical Agenda EP120 - #DFL

For those of you who didn’t listen to Episode 109, I released a clip titled “Degenerate Female Libertarians” which gained a bit of traction. Yesterday, the females in question got uppity about the video and it was quite the thing to see before I got sick of it and muted them on Twitter. Short version, I called out three feminists who are semi-recognizable in libertarian circles for their shitty behavior and promiscuity. Unsurprisingly, they haven’t improved their condition any. In fact, they

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Last year a transgender person and a feminist came to a New Hampshire beach to show off their repulsive breasts in front of children. They thought this would be a great way to battle their favorite bogeymen “rape culture” and “the patriarchy”. Thankfully, they were charged with lewdness for their efforts. Sadly, they defeated the case in court. So the New Hampshire state legislature took action and proposed a bill that would explicitly make it illegal for women to go

Radical Agenda EP109 – Power and Nipples

Radical Agenda EP109 - Power and Nipples

I spent my morning in the Legislative Office Building in Concord today before the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee. A piece of legislation was pending before them “relative to the circumstances that constitute indecent exposure and lewdness.” House Bill 1525 would make it unlawful for women to go topless in public, and drew a great deal of attention from left wing media outlets. While many “libertarians” jumped for joy at the realization that New Hampshire had no such law

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free Speech?

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free Speech?

Free Speech. Are you in favor of it? I bet you are. In fact, I am willing to bet that even if you despise freedom of speech and would allow any level of government suppression of free speech, you would still instinctively say “Of course I’m in favor of free speech!” That’s of course what we have going on with the left in perpetuity. Long gone are the days of “I disagree with what you say but I would fight

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