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Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free Speech?

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free Speech?

Free Speech. Are you in favor of it? I bet you are. In fact, I am willing to bet that even if you despise freedom of speech and would allow any level of government suppression of free speech, you would still instinctively say “Of course I’m in favor of free speech!” That’s of course what we have going on with the left in perpetuity. Long gone are the days of “I disagree with what you say but I would fight

A Strategic Libertarian Case Against Non-Violent Degeneracy

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Ask ten different libertarians about their political priorities, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. These might range from the quite moderate like marijuana decriminalization or a tax reduction, all the way to the more dramatic like the complete overhaul or abolition of the entire State apparatus. Ask still others, and you’ll find priorities that aren’t libertarian at all. Like gender equality, fighting paranoid notions of racism, or combating the social stigma of certain behaviors, often involving sex or drugs.

Radical Agenda EP075 – Catastrophe

Radical Agenda EP075 - Catastrophe

If I never hear the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” again, it will be too soon. I could barely pay attention to last night’s GOP debate, as the content becomes less and less relevant due to an absurd insistence on keeping nobody candidates in the running. As I burned DVDs, and chatted on Mumble with the guys from, I heard them utter their nonsensical catchphrases over and over again between promises to keep America safe. Previously I had offered commentary

Radical Agenda EP064 – The Hunting Ground

Radical Agenda EP064 - The Hunting Ground

If you actually believe that 1 in 5 women are raped on campus, then perhaps you’re entirely too stupid to be in college. On the other hand, you’re perfect for a job at CNN. So I suppose this is sort of a coin toss if you decide truth and falsehood based on the benefits provided to you due to your beliefs. Sunday night, CNN aired “The Hunting Ground”, an absurd propaganda film so fraught with lies that even leftist outfits

Radical Agenda EP063 – Manstruation

Radical Agenda EP063 - Manstruation

Something truly terrible is happening to the men of our societies. Thursday was International Men’s Day and the accompanying hashtag #InternationalMensDay was trending on Twitter. I was of course quite eager to click and see all the wonderful things being said about men. We are so frequently demeaned and treated badly, it only seemed right there would be at least one day a year when we were celebrated. I was quickly reminded that there is no such thing as appreciation

Transgender Beer Slammed For Lacking Diversity

Transgender Beer Slammed For Not Being Diverse Enough

I was shocked to see someone post an article about the world’s first “non-binary transgender beer” to Facebook recently. Produced by a company called “BrewDog”, the beer is, without the slightest hint of irony, labeled “No Label”. The 4.6% ABV Kölsch has been brewed with hops that have changed sex from female to male flowers prior to harvest. BrewDog has used these to emphasise that, “just like humans, beer can be whatever the hell it wants to be, and proud of it.” The special brew

Radical Agenda EP053 – Fall of the Left

Radical Agenda EP053 - Fall of the Left

A series of recent events show Americans are increasingly rejecting the left wing agenda, even where it originally seemed quite popular. The predictable backlash follows a previously frightening trend of adopting of leftist policies. But even those who bought into crypto-Marxist egalitarian nonsense prior, seem to be turning against the tide. Houston, a city which had elected the openly lesbian Mayor Annise D. Parker voted in a referendum that repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance by a landslide, which had previously been passed by their city council. Supporters said

You Will Not Draft Our Women

You Will Not Draft Our Women

The nonsensical push for some fabled “gender equality” is nearing its ultimate suicidal conclusion, according to a piece by Richard Sisk at Army Secretary John McHugh said Monday “If your objective is true and pure equality then you have to look at all aspects” of the roles of women in the military. And registration for the draft “will be one of those things. That will have to be considered.” Play in new window | Download

The Secular Reactionary Anarcho-Capitalist Revolutionary

The Secular Reactionary Anarcho-Capitalist Revolutionary

Libertarianism is often critiqued as having too limited a worldview, but libertarians are free to view the world anyway they see fit. Here is one such way.   An interesting, though not entirely unexpected phenomenon occurred as I sought out a thumbnail for this piece. I searched Google images for “ideology” and nearly everything that came up was decidedly negative. Hateful imagery that suggested anyone with a set of convictions was inherently evil. I shouldn’t be entirely surprised. Look at our

Radical Agenda EP043 – Karen Straughan

Radical Agenda EP043 - Karen Straughan

Karen Straughan is a blogger and YouTube creator who has garnered an online reputation as the “gateway drug” to anti-feminism. She has a knack for unearthing little-known bits of history, and esoteric social science research the establishment doesn’t want you to see, and explaining in concrete terms exactly why the west should rethink its love affair with feminism. Her work is currently incorporated into classrooms in the US, the UK and Canada. She’s been interviewed by Global Media, CTV, CBC,

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