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Radical Agenda EP143 – Quitter

Radical Agenda EP143 - Quitter

I’m on edge today, more than usual. I gave up smoking years ago, replacing it with the electronic cigarettes. For the last few months I’ve been slowly reducing my nicotine levels on that in the hopes of one day kicking the chemical dependency. The universe, it would seem, was not on my side. I had problem after problem in this. The unit I had broke, so I paid way too much for another one that was a completely different system

Radical Agenda EP142 – Magnificent Nonsense

Radical Agenda EP142 - Magnificent Nonsense

It has become popular as of late to say that liberalism is a mental illness, but I don’t think too many people actually realize how true this statement is. From time to time you’ll hear me say that leftists are the HIV/AIDS of our politics, attacking the immune system and destroying with force of law every healthy instinct in society. Their willingness and even insistence on holding simultaneous contradictory positions is the mark of an incapacity for reason. Mises called

Tampons Are Patriarchal Oppression

Tampons Are Patriarchal Oppression

What I find most shocking about the world, is that I still find things that manage to shock me. Particularly in the realm of human stupidity, and social justice warriors behaving like fools. I often find myself saying “Wow, that’s got to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen” only to have it topped the next day by something even more ridiculous. Last year I had heard about “Free Bleeding“. A movement of feminists who insisted that tampons and

Murdering Infants For A Lamborghini

Murdering Infants For A Lamborghini

A second disturbing video has emerged of a Planned Parenthood representative haggling over prices for abortion leftovers. This one features Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council President, Mary Gatter. She is seen talking to what she believed to be fetal tissue procurement agents from a company calling itself Biomax. It’s the second of what may be many videos to come from the Center for Medical Progress. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization describing itself as “a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and

On Vaccination

Should Vaccination be Compulsory?

Vaccines are in the news again, and as usual, the debate is less than productive. On one side we see people saying vaccines are ineffective and or dangerous. Perhaps a government plot to enrich crony capitalists, or even reduce the population. On the other side sits the witless oblivious masses, who accept whatever they are told by government and the medical establishment. They propose solutions ranging from forcing everyone to be vaccinated as the State deems fit, to “nudging” and providing barriers

Are Electronic Cigarettes For You?

Are Electronic Cigarettes For You?

I get asked a lot of questions about my e-cigarette, aka personal vaporizer. I constantly end up evangalizing about it, to the point it almost comes of sounding like a sales pitch. Instead of perpetually repeating myself, I thought I’d put together this introduction. The basic idea behind an electronic cigarette is a power source, usually a battery, and a heating element which vaporizes a flavored liquid containing nicotine. There are people who use it without nicotine as well, and others

Use Caution with Stimulants in Nootropic Stacks

Stimulants in Nootropic Stacks

Since I first became interested in Nootropics, I’ve done research into, and experimented with, a great many different supplements and chemicals. Combining these substances is known as “nootropic stacking” to benefit from their separate and combined benefits. One thing that is often suggested in forums and other resources, is adding stimulants to nootropic stacks. This has some upsides and some downsides depending which substances you use, and what your relationship with drugs has been in the past. Personally, I have a

Developing My First Nootropic Stack

I recently became introduced to a class of drugs known as nootropics. “Smart drugs” as they are sometimes called, or “cognitive enhancers”. They are said to improve mood, focus, memory, alertness, creativity, and problem solving. “Stacking” refers to using multiple nootropics and other supplements to complement each other and improve performance. These are all things I could use some help with lately, and after just a few weeks of experimenting, I’m already very excited by the results. While researching the

Some Problems I’m Working On

I’ve got some issues. Some more serious than others, but all worth addressing. I’m trying to solve these problems, and this article actually started off as talking about how I was doing that. However, I realized I was about a thousand words into it before I had even begun to tackle the solutions. So I figured this would make a fine piece of its own that I can reference in future articles. If you’re a regular reader, and this seems repetitive,

Too Poor for an Abortion?

I just read a rather disturbing piece in the Huffington Post that I feel perfectly outlines the irresponsibility and subsequent decline of human society. Originally appearing on xoJane, the article was titled “I Was Too Poor for an Abortion“. It tells the story of a married woman who became pregnant, as though by some mysterious, unexpected force. There’s no mention of birth control, condoms, or even sex. Just a married woman who somehow becomes pregnant, and has the nerve to be

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