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Veteran vs. Tax Collectors

Veteran vs. Tax Collectors

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being a guest at the home of Bill Belser in Bristol, New Hampshire. The event was billed as a party, but the subject matter was anything but celebratory. Bill is about to lose his home because he fell behind on his property taxes, and this party was of the “last hurrah” variety. Whatever your opinion of taxes may be, I found this story to be very troubling in part because Bill is a

Radical Agenda EP118 – Raid

Radical Agenda EP118 - Raid

Snow on the first day of Spring, FBI raids for child porn, it’s just another day in Keene, New Hampshire – home of my sorry excuse for a studio. Yesterday I woke up to a text message which read “Just heard about the raid, are you over there?” Which of course had me scrambling to find out who got raided and why I might be implicated. What a way to start the day, right? As you may already be aware,

Free Talk Live Raided By FBI

Free Talk Live Raided By FBI

At approximately 6:40am Eastern time, New Hampshire State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Keene police department, and plain clothed agents of unknown law enforcement affiliation raided the Keene, New Hampshire home of Ian Freeman. Freeman is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live, a libertarian oriented program broadcast on over 170 stations throughout the United States. I used to be a co-host of that show. Freeman’s home also served as the studio for the

Ian Freeman Kicked out of Free State Project

Ian Freeman Kicked out of Free State Project

In April of 2012 I moved to New Hampshire, joining hundreds of other libertarians in a political migration commonly referred to as The Free State Project. There is a corporation one might consider to be at the head of this, known as the Free State Project, herein referred to as FSP inc. Differentiating between the political migration and the corporation is an important thing to do, since the corporation has little to do with the effort at this point. They are

Radical Agenda EP110 – Brawl

Radical Agenda EP110 - Brawl

Augustus Invictus was assaulted last night in Portland, Oregon. “Rose City Antifa” had promised to give Augustus and his party a “a good ol’ fashioned Rose City welcome” which apparently involved smashing windows out with a 2×4 and assaulting women. A quick check of Oregon’s carry permit reciprocity showed me that they do not honor Florida carry permits, where Augustus is a candidate for the United States Senate. Augustus was (presumably due to this) unarmed at the time, and remarked

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Last year a transgender person and a feminist came to a New Hampshire beach to show off their repulsive breasts in front of children. They thought this would be a great way to battle their favorite bogeymen “rape culture” and “the patriarchy”. Thankfully, they were charged with lewdness for their efforts. Sadly, they defeated the case in court. So the New Hampshire state legislature took action and proposed a bill that would explicitly make it illegal for women to go

Radical Agenda EP109 – Power and Nipples

Radical Agenda EP109 - Power and Nipples

I spent my morning in the Legislative Office Building in Concord today before the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee. A piece of legislation was pending before them “relative to the circumstances that constitute indecent exposure and lewdness.” House Bill 1525 would make it unlawful for women to go topless in public, and drew a great deal of attention from left wing media outlets. While many “libertarians” jumped for joy at the realization that New Hampshire had no such law

Radical Agenda EP098 – It’s Happening!

Radical Agenda EP098 - It's Happening!

The Free State Project has officially reached its goal of convincing 20,000 “liberty minded people” to sign a pledge that they will move to New Hampshire within 5 years. This “triggers the move” for the largest libertarian political migration on planet Earth, and soon, some indeterminable number of pledge signers will descend upon the Granite State. Some celebrate, others dread, and still others wait anxiously to see what will become of it. Will the project be a complete flop? After more than

Radical Agenda EP097 – Black History Month

Radical Agenda EP097 - Black History Month

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Black History Month! It is a special time when we honor just a few of the many contributions black folks have made to our history, culture, and economy. A much needed break from the anglocentric cis-hetero-patriarchy that oppresses the downtrodden masses. Originally dubbed “Nego History Week” when it was started back in 1926, the very special commemoration was to coincide with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12th. Lincoln is an important figure

Anarcho-Lobbyist on Allodial Title

Anarcho Lobbyst on Allodial Title

It’s that time of year again. The Anarcho-Lobbyist series returns with a bang! Yesterday I went to the legislative office building in Concord, New Hampshire to testify before the House Legislative Committees on a variety of topics, some of them quite controversial. Representative Dick Marple has introduced HB1350 “an act relative to allodial rights and violations of the oath of office”. Rep. Marple is a really interesting guy, and I love that I live in a state where a guy like

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