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Radical Agenda EP280 – Mr. Speaker

Radical Agenda EP280 - Mr. Speaker

Today at 3:30pm the US House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a bill to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. Whatever the outcome of the vote, the president is being sabotaged by Paul Ryan and other (((moderate))) Republicans. Even with the tweaks made in effort to appease conservatives, the proposed measure will do little to alleviate the catastrophic and predictable consequences of the current law. As long as the federal government compels insurance companies to cover

Libertarians and the Alt Right

Libertarians and the Alt Right

Sometimes I wonder if it was always like this and I was just less aware, but it seems like race is on the tongue of every leftist media personality lately. Typically I don’t see a great deal of merit in their complaints, other than to note that wherever demographics are not homogenous, demographic disparities exist in socially significant categories of status and behavior. Shockingly enough, very few people see fit to respond to leftist cries of racism, other than to

Radical Agenda EP170 – Unconventional

Radical Agenda EP170 - Unconventional

Alex Jones got attacked by Antifa, and escorted out by police. People are offering free helicopter rides to leftists. The old guard of the Republican party made a pathetic and desperate last attempt to stay relevant, before skulking off with their tails between their legs. The Daily Show (not to be confused with the Daily Shoah) threatened a gay conservative at a Breitbart party. This is the Republican National Convention of 2016, and I frankly find the side shows a

Radical Agenda EP162 – Do Over

Radical Agenda EP162 - Do Over

Back in May, Norbert Hofer of Austria’s “far right” Freedom Party was described as being “on the edge of power” leading up to his country’s presidential election. When the polls were closed and votes were counted, Hofer had lost the election to the former leader of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen, by just 30,863 votes or less than one percentage point. Serious questions were raised about the validity of the result. The town of Waidhofen an der Ybbs, for example, had 149.9%

Be Not Ashamed, White Male

Be Not Ashamed, White Male

Over the weekend at the Libertarian Party Convention, losing presidential candidate John McAfee added to a growing and troubling anti-white trend in libertarian circles. He told those gathered for the convention “When I first joined the Libertarian party, two things stood out very starkly. One, 75% of you are men. Number two, 99.8% of you are white. Shame on you.” McAfee went on to say “and shame on me for not bringing it up sooner” before lauding himself for marrying a nigger prostitute. That’s

Facebook “Auto Reports” Fox News

Facebook tried desperately to quell fears it was suppressing trending topics along ideological lines. Later, leaked documents showed the trending topics question had a lot more to do with choices of Facebook staffers than anything that was actually “trending”. None of this should have come as any surprise to anyone who had been paying attention. Facebook has gone on a censoring spree, trying to turn its network into a safe space for the fragile little minds that are destroying the American

Dear Centrist

Dear Centrist

Dear Centrist, I hope this letter finds you doing well, though I realize in these tumultuous political times that might not be the case. Sadly I do not see a return to “normal” in our immediate future, and so I thought it important to reach out to you before things progress much further. I expect that with a certain degree of pride you have thought yourself quite above the fray of the “extreme” elements of the political spectrum. You may

An Important Message for Ted Cruz Supporters

An Important Message for Ted Cruz Supporters

I have an important message to Ted Cruz supporters. More specifically, the Ted Cruz supporters who did not support Ron Paul. If you were a Ron Paul guy in 2012, consider yourself excused from this particular admonishment, but if you opposed Ron Paul, and now you’re calling into talk radio talking about how Donald Trump is not a “constitutional conservative” then do us all a favor and end your miserable fucking life. I don’t care if you do it with a

Radical Agenda EP138 – Trials

Radical Agenda EP138 - Trials

Jesse Benton, John Tate, and Dimitri Kesari were found guilty today of public corruption charges stemming from an indictment alleging bribery during the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. The trio were accused of paying $73,000 to Iowa state senator Kent Sorenson for switching his endorsement to Paul, having previously been a vocal supporter of Michele Bachmann. Both Benton and Tate were convicted of conspiracy, causing false records, causing false campaign expenditure reporting and false statements scheme. Kesari was found guilty of each

Radical Agenda EP137 – K.O.

Radical Agenda EP137 - K.O.

After getting trounced in Indiana’s GOP primary last night, Ted Cruz finally took the hint and suspended his campaign. John Kasich still hasn’t gotten the message yet, but Donald Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican party and will most likely be going on to face Hillary Clinton in the general election. The odds of it going in any other way are too small to calculate at this point. In my book this is one of the greatest

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