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Free Shipping Special Offer Today Only

Free Shipping Special Offer Today Only

I once found myself unable to host my show one day because I had found my XLR microphone cable to be faulty during one of my recent travels. So I set out to purchase a replacement. I drove nearly an hour to a Radio Shack, only to find out it was closed. Next, I tried a different store with a giant closing sign, hoping to get a deal, only to find the inside of the place looking as if it

Radical Agenda EP050 – Defacing the Debate 4

Radical Agenda EP025 - Defacing The Debate
When I left you on Tuesday, I announced we would be back Thursday before going to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. This third day a week was brought to you courtesy of our Patreon supporters. What I did not at the time realize, and I’m a bit embarrassed to say, was that another Republican Presidential Primary debate is happening Wednesday. It would be downright neglectful of me not to say some nasty things about these statist bastards during the live
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80% Off The Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom
This offer has expired. I still think you should sign up for the program though, and Liberty Classroom is now a sponsor of this website. Tom Woods was on Free Talk Live last night, video below. Check it out, Tom is a fascinating, educated, intelligent, and funny guy and it was a great segment. I want to make this quick though, because this is a limited time offer. Tom has an online education program he calls the Liberty Classroom. Normally
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Are Electronic Cigarettes For You?

Are Electronic Cigarettes For You?

I get asked a lot of questions about my e-cigarette, aka personal vaporizer. I constantly end up evangalizing about it, to the point it almost comes of sounding like a sales pitch. Instead of perpetually repeating myself, I thought I’d put together this introduction. The basic idea behind an electronic cigarette is a power source, usually a battery,¬†and a heating element which vaporizes a flavored liquid containing nicotine. There are people who use it without nicotine as well, and others

Use Caution with Stimulants in Nootropic Stacks

Stimulants in Nootropic Stacks

Since I first became interested in Nootropics, I’ve done research into, and experimented with, a great many different supplements and chemicals. Combining these substances is known as “nootropic stacking” to benefit from their separate and combined benefits. One thing that is often suggested in forums and other resources, is adding stimulants to nootropic stacks. This has some upsides and some downsides depending which¬†substances you use, and what your relationship with drugs has been in the past. Personally, I have a

Developing My First Nootropic Stack

I recently became introduced to a class of drugs known as nootropics. “Smart drugs” as they are sometimes called, or “cognitive enhancers”. They are said to improve mood, focus, memory, alertness, creativity, and problem solving. “Stacking” refers to using multiple nootropics and other supplements to complement each other and improve performance. These are all things I could use some help with lately, and after just a few weeks of experimenting, I’m already very excited by the results. While researching the

ASR Tactical Zirconia Ceramic Razor Review

I purchased an ASR Tactical Zirconia Ceramic Razor from eBay for an escape video I was planning to make, that video is still to come, but here is a review of the product.