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Radical Agenda EP306 – Jared Howe

Radical Agenda EP306 - Jared Howe

Jared Howe is the Assistant Media Director at, a guest contributor at, and cohosts the libertarian podcast “BackWordz LIVE” with Eric July”. Despite his “being libertarian” Jared is a decidedly right wing guy, and views the left with nearly as much hostility as I do. In a piece titled “The Radical Left Declares War on America. When Do We Start Taking it Seriously?” Jared writes; These terrorists must be stopped by any means necessary if they continue to escalate.

Radical Agenda EP305 – Late Show

Radical Agenda EP305 - Late Show

Here at the Radical Agenda, we like to virtue signal about work ethic. We don’t often get the chance to however, because we only do the show three days a week and sometimes we skip an episode. Today however, I’m going to bring you two shows in one day. So I figure I can virtue signal about how hard I’m working for like a couple of months. There’s plenty to talk about too. The military is being deployed on the

Send Me To Bilderberg

Send Me To Bilderberg

The Bilderberg Group is an annual gathering of the world’s most powerful people. Some see it as a shadowy summit for the “New World Order,” a globalist conspiracy to abolish national sovereignty and impose global communism upon the Earth. Elite politicians, heads of state, bankers, media moguls, academics, and CEO’s of major corporations all attend. The Bilderberg Meetings website describes it as follows; Since its inaugural meeting in 1954, Bilderberg has been an annual forum for informal discussions, designed to

Radical Agenda EP304 – Morning Show

Here at the Radical Agenda, we tend to prefer evenings to mornings. After all, the Radical Agenda usually fills one’s head with bad news, and that’s no way to start the day. Generally we think it far better to have one’s day ruined toward the end, so only insomnia and nightmares plague the listener instead of driving mass shootings in the workplace. However, a personal problem left me unfit to perform for our regularly scheduled Monday episode, and the news

Radical Agenda EP303 – That Articulate Black Guy

Radical Agenda EP303 - That Articulate Black Guy

“That Guy T” is a libertarian YouTube personality who recently went all 1488 and started curb stomping degenerates for the glory of the ethnostate. Everybody sorta freaked out when it happened because he’s black, and that’s not the sort of violence we’re used to seeing from young black males. He’s like Clayton Bigsby with eyesight, and he joins us for the entirety of this episode. The real story is slightly less interesting, but I’ve been taking exaggeration tips from the liberal

Radical Agenda EP302 – Mike Enoch

Radical Agenda EP302 - Mike Enoch

Mike Enoch started, and the very popular white nationalist podcast The Daily Shoah. Before that, he was a libertarian, showing an ideological progression familiar to many members of this audience. Today he joins us for a long overdue discussion on the Radical Agenda. I had been aware of TRS for awhile. Their participation in the brutalist/humanitarian libertarian conflict of 2014 sticks out in my mind. I had not however been aware of the racial component of the production until I

Radical Agenda EP301 – Vanguard America

Radical Agenda EP301 - Vanguard America

Blood and Soil. Race and Nation. Seems most Americans have forgotten about such things these days, but not Vanguard America. Their leader joins us to discuss the organization, its ideas, and its goals. One thing is for sure, Vanguard America doesn’t mind if you call them fascists (neither do I). But what will fascism look like in America? From American Fascism will have a political philosophy unlike any other defining characteristic America has seen. The American people are truly unique

Radical Agenda EP300 – Dear Momma

Radical Agenda EP300 - Dear Momma

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 14th. I’ll be busy then, so I thought today would be the perfect time to do the Radical Agenda Mother’s Day Special. Since I don’t know much about being a mother at all, I figured I would invite an excellent female role model to guest co-host today’s show. This will be a comparatively clean episode of the show. I’ve even got curse-word free intro music for today. So if you have been dying

Radical Agenda EP299 – Leftward Drift

Radical Agenda EP299 - Leftward Drift

Gigi Bowman was the first activist I ever met. I went to a Tea Party rally in Huntington, New York just as the movement was getting underway, and we became friends instantly. She introduced me to the Libertarian Party, Campaign for Liberty, and other Tea Party Groups. She encouraged me to run for Congress in 2010. We were involved in the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. And she joins me for today’s episode of the Radical Agenda. I haven’t discussed it

Radical Agenda EP298 – Heil Heimbach

Radical Agenda EP298 - Heil Heimbach

Matthew-John Heimbach came onto my radar in 2014. At the time, I was still writing at A Voice for Men, and their conference had been getting terrorist threats from feminists and other communist agitators. The “thick vs. thin” libertarian divide was at its height, and I was only beginning to realize the power of identity politics, when I just happened to see this piece from Vice in my Facebook feed about a “White Student Union” formed by Heimbach and friends

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