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Radical Agenda EP272 – Without A Woman

Radical Agenda EP272 - Without A Woman

Justice is a bullet through every pink hat. Today is “international women’s day” and to celebrate, communists have taken the day off of work. This was only minimally disruptive, because most of these people don’t actually provide any value. The overpriced babysitters of the public school system have caused a few schools to close for the day, and of course it is too much to expect they would be disciplined for causing this shutdown, but other than that I think

Radical Agenda EP271 – Tapped

Radical Agenda EP271 - Tapped

This whole Trump wiretapping story still seems very vague, but that seems to be the nature of government surveillance programs. Trump took to Twitter accusing the Obama administration of tapping the lines at Trump Tower during the campaign, but he provided no source by which to confirm the allegations. Former Director of National Intelligence under the Obama administration, James Clapper, denied any wiretapping activity on NBC’s Meet The Press. However, Clapper has already been caught lying about federal surveillance activity to Congress while

Radical Agenda EP270 – Free Phone Friday

Radical Agenda EP270 - Free Phone Friday

This episode of the Radical Agenda came on the heels of an off schedule episode earlier this morning, so I did not come to the table with a plan for content. Luckily the phones brought plenty of discussion. We had a call from South Africa about the legitimacy of the State and race relations. We had another call about how to impress women There’s a lot more, please enjoy. Listen live on the TuneIn app! Join the chat on YouTube! Got

Radical Agenda EP269 – Kricket Slik & Darrell Young

Radical Agenda EP270 - Kricket Slik & Darrell Young

Friday morning at around 4am I decided to do an impromptu episode of the program, addressing, amongst other things my ex girlfriend, and a gang member who has been threatening me (unrelated matters). It centers largely around two emails I sent. Firstly, to my friendly local policeman, Steve Tenney. It reads as follows. Hi Steve. Firstly, there is no immediate urgency to this message. In fact, I beg your pardon as I involve you in my work without your prior

Radical Agenda EP268 – Extra

Radical Agenda EP268 - Extra

Here at the Radical Agenda,  we really enjoy our days off. However, sometimes the news is just breaking too fast for us to wait until the next regularly scheduled episode. After last night’s episode, I watched in amazement as MSNBC spent the entire night acting as if it had been proven beyond all doubt that Donald Trump was some kind of Russian plant who didn’t legitimately win the election. I woke up to Fox News covering the story as well, even

Radical Agenda EP267 – Soft

Radical Agenda EP267 - Soft

Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress last night. In a mostly conciliatory tone, helped along in part by his leftist daughter Ivanka’s influence, he outlined his agenda. He came off as presidential, controlled, a unifying force in a nation deeply divided. Sadly, it served no benefit whatsoever. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said “The speech and reality have never been more detached”. Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear basically ignored the entire speech and hinged the Democratic party’s future on

Radical Agenda EP266 – Witchcraft

Radical Agenda EP266 - Witchcraft

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re not big on superstition. We’ve developed an appreciation for religion insofar as it has served a vital purpose to man, but we don’t typically get worked up about the supernatural. Over the weekend however, a group of mentally ill women gathered in front of Trump Tower to cast a “binding spell” on the President of the United States, in the hopes it would prevent him from governing. While the likelihood of success for such

Radical Agenda EP265 – Fighting Fascism

Radical Agenda EP265 - Fighting Fascism

Here at the Radical Agenda we really appreciate, amongst other things, humor and physical fitness. They say if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. If you’re strong enough, you can make anyone do anything. So be it by punching or punchlines, we always love making people’s sides hurt. Our leftist counterparts, who are not particularly known for their martial prowess or sense of humor, seem to be picking up on this. Now that their democratic

Radical Agenda EP264 – Grammar

Radical Agenda EP264 - Grammar

Here at the Radical Agenda, we pride ourselves on our command of the English language. Written or spoken, words are kind of important, especially when we try to deal with things on such a scale as the United States government. If we can’t communicate, we’re on the sure path to conflict. So if everybody is speaking a different language, this does not bode well for civilization. Now whenever there is something very important to the healthy functioning of society, leftists

Radical Agenda EP263 – My President’s Day

Radical Agenda EP263 - My President's Day

For most of us here in the United States, today is President’s day. It’s an opportunity to skip work and reflect on the best and worst who have managed to occupy that old building there on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. For others, today is “Not My President’s Day” and it represents an opportunity to whine about losing an election. It is one of many opportunities provided to us to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that leftists are conniving manipulative filth

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