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Radical Agenda EP334 – Shut up, Cancer Boy

Radical Agenda EP334 - Shut up, Cancer Boy

Here at the Radical Agenda, we try to focus our energies on defeating the left. For the most part, that means defeating the Democrat Party. Since the Republicans are the only force in America capable of stopping the Democrats at the ballot, we’ve reluctantly accepted our role as partisans, and tried our best to obey Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment. This is no small task of course, because the Republican party is full of globalist tools of the elite, if you

Radical Agenda EP333 – Now or Never

Radical Agenda EP333 - Now or Never

Here at the Radical Agenda, we try to fill the listener with a sense of urgency. It seems to us that most of the populace, even those who are comparatively well informed, are entirely too comfortable with the lethal obstacle courses their governments have made of their nations. Getting people to “wake up” and see the danger they are in, thus seems like an important first step to solving our problems. So I was very happy to see Stefan Molyneux

Radical Agenda EP332 – MAGAnomics

Radical Agenda EP332 - MAGAnomics

I don’t even care if it works, the sheer marketing genius of the term MAGAnomics is enough to sell me all by itself. In case you haven’t heard, this is what Office of Management and Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, dubbed the Trump economic plan. A unified theme of tax reform, the regulatory accountability project, energy dominance, welfare reform, infrastructure, trade policies, trade, and spending restraint. I haven’t gotten to pour over all the details yet, but it sounds good on its face.

Radical Agenda EP331 – Naming The Hate

Radical Agenda EP331 - Naming The Hate

I’m moving up in the world. I recently told you about my name finding its way to the pages of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, following the DC Free Speech Rally. Now the Anti-Defamation League has joined the party, listing your humble correspondent along with others they perceive to be at the top of the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite factions of what might be described as the “New Right”. In their piece they describe me as follows; Christopher Cantwell runs Radical Agenda,

Radical Agenda EP330 – Medi-Cal Inequality

Radical Agenda EP330 - Medi-Cal Inequality

Latinos in California are suing the state for unequal access to health care they claim is racially biased. The reasoning for the suit is that California has created a “separate and unequal system of health care, one for the insurance program with the largest proportion of Latinos (Medi-Cal), and one for the other principal insurance plans, whose recipients are disproportionately white,” according to court filings. In other words, California’s health care system is racist, because white people get better services

Radical Agenda EP329 – News, Phones, WWHD

Radical Agenda EP329 - News, Phones, WWHD

There’s a lot going on, but the show starts in 30 minutes and I still haven’t written a blog post because my nap lasted longer than expected. So how about I just paste a new intro I’ve been working on and we go from there? The Radical Agenda is a live, uncensored, and mostly unscripted, entertainment program, which airs, usually, from a sorry excuse for a studio in Keene, New Hampshire every Monday Wednesday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern time.

Radical Agenda EP328 – Cultural Incompetence

Radical Agenda EP328 - Cultural Incompetence

The good news is, leftists have finally admitted that this influx of migrants they think is so wonderful, will never assimilate to our culture. The bad news is, that won’t stop them from trying to import these savages, because they want our culture destroyed. We’ve talked a few times, about how our judicial system seems to be letting invaders, rapists in particular, off the hook. Whether you’re a developmentally disabled 5 year old girl in Idaho, a 14 year girl

Radical Agenda EP327 – Have We Lost The Argument?

Radical Agenda EP327 - Have We Lost The Argument?

Imagine if you will, a funeral procession. Limousines and black clad people of all ages, exchanging memories of the dearly departed. Reason was his name, he left no children behind. Half the people in the funeral parlor are half drunk off their pocket flasks, and outside there are a bunch of people who hated Reason so much, that they wouldn’t even permit a proper burial. They want him burned and desecrated, and his name destroyed for an eternity, and they’ll

Radical Agenda EP326 – New Low

Radical Agenda EP326 - New Low

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve learned the hard way never to overestimate the dignity of leftists. Whenever you think they have done the most despicable thing possible, just wait 24 hours and they will prove you wrong quite reliably. It has really gotten to a point where nobody event finds it surprising, much less alarming when the media gets caught lying these days. Their “lie big, retract small” strategy is why savages still roam the streets saying “hands up

Radical Agenda EP325 – Promoting Violence

Radical Agenda EP325 - Promoting Violence

Donald Trump tweeted a video clip from his stint with the Word Wrestling Federation. In it, he tackles and punches his opponent, but his opponent has the CNN logo superimposed over his face. Apparently this is more important than health care, foreign policy, immigration, and everything else because the media hasn’t seemed to discuss anything but that and this Russia nonsense ever since. Trump stands accused of promoting violence against the press. My temptation is to say they are overreacting,

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