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Watch Me Slap This Kid

Watch Me Slap This Kid

I don’t often hit people, but when I do they tend to hit the ground like a sack of bricks. That’s what happened just outside the Free Talk Live Studio this weekend after I was invited to co-host an episode of Anarchy After Dark with Ian Freeman and Johnson Rice. The regular host of that show is named Cody, and Cody was none too appreciative of my talents on the show. We sometimes discuss things on the Radical Agenda that

Radical Agenda EP178 – 2nd Amendment People

Radical Agenda EP178 - 2nd Amendment People

There goes Donald Trump, running his crazy mouth again. He’s under fire for suggesting that “second amendment people” might stop Hillary Clinton‘s Supreme Court from further diminishing American gun rights. The media has largely run with the statement as an assassination threat. The New York Daily News called for Trump to drop out of the race. Joe Scarborough said the GOP “must dump Trump” before “something terrible happens”. Dan Rather said “By any objective analysis, this is a new low and

Trump Hasn’t Called For Violence, But He Should.

Trump Hasn't Called For Violence, But He Should.

Watching the coverage of the violence in Chicago inside and outside of a Donald Trump rally, I am reassured of a thing I’ve known for a long time. There is no hope for peace in America. It’s so obvious I almost feel stupid mentioning it. Strangely though, there are still people in this world who think there is some hope for a hyperinclusive mass democracy in which hundreds of millions of people with diverse interests, philosophies, religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds live under

Radical Agenda EP110 – Brawl

Radical Agenda EP110 - Brawl

Augustus Invictus was assaulted last night in Portland, Oregon. “Rose City Antifa” had promised to give Augustus and his party a “a good ol’ fashioned Rose City welcome” which apparently involved smashing windows out with a 2×4 and assaulting women. A quick check of Oregon’s carry permit reciprocity showed me that they do not honor Florida carry permits, where Augustus is a candidate for the United States Senate. Augustus was (presumably due to this) unarmed at the time, and remarked

Radical Agenda EP089 – A Right Delayed

Radical Agenda EP089 - A Right Delayed

If you do some research on concealed carry pistols, there exists no shortage of diversity in terms of opinions. Reliability, magazine capacity, power, concealability, comfort, accuracy, price, and other factors all weigh against one another making a decision on “the perfect gun” pretty much impossible. For my first handgun, I bought a Taurus .38 Special revolver. A fine combination of small size, power, and price, or so I thought. When I was compelled to draw the weapon last year, I found

I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

The censor happy PC lunatics at Facebook are entirely too familiar to my regular readers. I’ve been blocked from the world’s most popular social network for thirty days at a clip more times than I can recall. Whether it’s a meme about hyperinflation getting flagged as racist, or daring to criticize communist mass murderers like Che Guevera, or the bland comparison of a politician to Hitler, Facebook’s hypersensitivity to race and other issues has been well documented.

Radical Agenda EP085 – Molon Labe!

Radical Agenda EP085 - Molon Labe!

Q. How do you make a liberal cry? A. How much time you got? It’s not a difficult thing to do, really. Just tell the truth, express a preference, own guns, earn money, vote Republican, or defend yourself. This list could get kind of long. Liberals are prone to tears, and that is perhaps the only good thing about them. I hate liberals, but watching them cry is one of life’s more enjoyable vices. I got out of the drug scene

In Oregon, Rumors of Wars

In Oregon, Rumors of Wars

Right now an estimated 150 men occupy a building at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, 30 miles South of Burns, Oregon. In defiance of federal authorities, the self described “militia” vows to occupy the building and the land for years to come, and is purportedly prepared to fight to defend it. The standoff comes as the latest escalation in a decades long conflict between ranchers in the area, and two federal bureaucracies. The Bureau of Land Management, and the US Fish and Wildlife

Radical Agenda EP065 – Apocalypse

Radical Agenda EP065 - Apocalypse

The news yesterday was so crazy, that even as an atheist, if the next headline to cross my newsfeeds read “Jesus has returned to judge the living and the dead” I’d have simply said “That certainly explains a lot”. To make matters worse, these headlines were all the beginnings of things, not ends. So we can be sure that by the time I go on air, situations will have gotten considerably worse. The conflict in Syria has reached a startling

Paris Attacks: What else did you expect?

Paris Attacks: What else did you expect?

Bodies are still being counted after terrorist attacks rang out in Paris tonight, some stories have the death toll exceeding 120. I’ll let the news outlets sort out the details on what actually happened, but from the limited information available I can say this. Anybody who is acting surprised must have had their head in the sand for the last few months. If I wanted to completely destroy a civilization, I could not have come up with a better formula

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