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A Warning To Kricket Slik’s Next Boyfriend

Kricket Slick's Next Boyfriend

Kricket Slik is a Canadian citizen known to travel in libertarian and reactionary circles. She alternatively describes herself as a national socialist or a libertarian, depending on what man she is attempting to bait. She won the Canadian lottery when she was 21, and at the time of this writing I believe she is 27. She’s also my ex-girlfriend, and mother to my dead child. As I write this, she is in Canada, calling every law enforcement agency in the

Radical Agenda EP260 – VD

Radical Agenda EP260 - VD

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when we love everyone equally and indiscriminately, sort of like every other day. There is nothing that should cause us to spread inequality, be it of wealth, social status, or love. Unfortunately, inequality runs rampant, especially in the love department. Some of our fellow global citizens are still under the impression that discriminating in the love department is okay, but today that comes to an end. I have compiled a collection of

Radical Agenda EP176 – Screwed

Radical Agenda EP176 - Screwed

With sex “education” being crammed down the throats of school kids at younger and younger ages, you might think today’s young would have mastered the bodily function which carries the species from generation to generation. They’ve even gone beyond simple procreation, pleasure, and orgasm and into more advanced techniques like changing genders or even creating entirely new categories of gender. So surely the old insert Tab A into slot B routines of us old fuddy duddies would seem rudimentary such masters

Radical Agenda EP092 – Cuddle Party

Radical Agenda EP092 - Cuddle Party

If you find yourself incapable of building intimate relationships or getting other people to touch you softly, there is a service available to you. Cuddle parties. Gone are the days when one’s need for human companionship drove them to build and maintain healthy relationships, get married and raise children. Today if you want sex, you watch porn, swipe on Tinder, or hire a prostitute. But of course, short of paying a premium for the genuine “GFE” or “Girlfriend Experience” this

Radical Agenda EP019 – Muh Rainbows

Radical Agenda EP019 - Muh Rainbows

I signed into Facebook and it was like I got the Care Bear Stare. Are you guys old enough to remember the Care Bears? In any case, the Supreme Court of the United States recently issued a ruling in the Obergefell v. Hodges case, which essentially made gay marriage a constitutional right. Which is interesting, because I’ve done quite a bit of study on the constitution, and have yet to see anything about homosexuality or marriage in it. That aside, liberaltarians

So You Think That Rainbow Makes You Look Cool?

I have an important public service announcement for everyone who changed their Facebook and other profile photos to a rainbow recently. Absent some massive desire for more color in your life, you probably did this to celebrate the United States Supreme Court magically creating a constitutional “right” to a marriage license for gay people. Didn’t you? I suppose you think this makes you quite tolerant, and forward thinking, but it doesn’t. I imagine you think you’re advancing freedom, but you’re not.

Radical Agenda EP008 – Guns and Polyamory

I Almost Killed Someone Last Night

I had originally asked Lauren Rumpler to come into the studio to discuss polyamory. Polyamory is, in short, having more than two partners in a romantic/sexual relationship. I wanted to discuss it and take a pro-monogamy position myself. Then I got caught up in a self defense incident where I became the number one story on reddit, because I pulled a gun out on some drunk lunatics in Keene. So I figure we’ll spend some time discussing that, and at

Libertarian Dating Difficulties

Libertarian Dating Difficulties

How much political disagreement can your relationship tolerate? For most people, politics probably do not play a large role in their love life. If you don’t have very strong political opinions, everything is more or less negotiable. Intense philosophical debate is pretty unlikely to even enter into discussion on any sort of regular basis. So if you and your date do get into a political disagreement, you can always just agree to disagree and move onto the next topic. For those

A Very Cantwell Christmas

A Very Cantwell Christmas

I went to visit family in New York for Christmas, but the visit didn’t last very long. My father is a retired IRS agent, and my mother is a Catholic. You may have heard that I’m an anarchist, and an atheist. During dinner, a political discussion erupted. Of course, being the most politically educated person at the table, I was able to refute the arguments of every State worshiping relative in attendance. Having a lifetime of State indoctrination defeated with

Rape Charges After Consensual Sex with Wife

Henry Rayhons is Charged with Rape for Having Consensual Sex with his Wife

Henry Rayhons is a terrible person. As a Republican who has spent nine consecutive terms in the Iowa State legislature, he has voted for smoking bans, government intervention in marriage and employment, a ban on texting while driving, and surely countless other acts of government violence. He has supported increased State budgets across the board, he has opposed medical marijuana. This list could go on awhile, but suffice to say, I don’t like Henry Rayhons. These are good reasons for

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