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Radical Agenda EP149 – Hate Speech

Radical Agenda EP149 - Hate Speech

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all vowed to tackle “hate speech” online, and said there is no conflict between this and “free” speech. Twitter has already instituted a “Trust and Safety Council” comprised entirely of left wing radicals like Feminist Frequency, and Facebook has already confessed to suppressing conservatives online. Google has thus far been a bit more reasonable, but it appears that is about to end. #IStandWithHateSpeech was trending on Twitter yesterday in response, and as one might imagine,

Facebook “Auto Reports” Fox News

Facebook tried desperately to quell fears it was suppressing trending topics along ideological lines. Later, leaked documents showed the trending topics question had a lot more to do with choices of Facebook staffers than anything that was actually “trending”. None of this should have come as any surprise to anyone who had been paying attention. Facebook has gone on a censoring spree, trying to turn its network into a safe space for the fragile little minds that are destroying the American

Facebook is Censoring

Facebook is Censoring

Facebook has adopted a new addition to its algorithms that “auto reports” group posts to group admins, giving them the option to allow or delete the post if Facebook deems the post “offensive”. I had reported last week that they had deemed TrigglyPuff’s OKCupid profile offensive, and while the new feature troubled me, I did find it humorous and understandable. Firstly, that woman is repulsive and so the idea of her dating could be quite triggering to decent people, but

Facebook Considers TrigglyPuff’s Dating Profile Offensive

Facebook Considers TrigglyPuff's Dating Profile Offensive

In Facebook’s never ending quest to cleanse the world of any and all things offensive, they have apparently started “auto-reporting” Facebook posts. A group I run on Facebook – the Radical Agenda Listeners group – has long been quite diligent about who we allow in so that we can avoid politically incorrect posts from being reported to Facebook. Despite this stringent screening process posts have been reported, users have been banned, and suspicion has run rampant about who was doing

Petition: Donald Trump Should Buy Twitter

Donald Trump Should Buy Twitter

Today I started the following petition at iPetitions. I encourage you to sign it. Ever since the adoption of Twitter’s Orwellian named “Trust & Safety Council,” an institution made up entirely of left wing fanatics which is worthy of neither trust nor safety, Twitter has banned, downgraded, or silenced numerous right wing commentators, especially those supportive of Donald Trump. Purposely targeting the supporters of a major party’s presidential front runner is a blatant act of political activism. Twitter is of

Radical Agenda EP108 – Flamewar

Radical Agenda EP108 - Flamewar

There’s a storm a’brewin over at Facebook. Employees have been writing “Black Lives Matter” on the walls, and other employees have been crossing it out to write “All Lives Matter”. According to the anti-white leftist narrative however, saying that all lives matter is racist, and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t much appreciate his white employees standing up for themselves. Zuckerberg insists that “There are specific issues affecting the black community in the United States coming from a history of oppression and racism. ‘Black

Radical Agenda EP102 – Antisocial Media

Radical Agenda EP102 - Antisocial Media

I’m into my third day banned from Twitter, with as yet no explanation or means of resolving the issue being made available to me. I thought Facebook was bad, but at least they told me why I was blocked and how long the block would last. It would seem that Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council” is not big on the transparency angle, but given the line up of leftist demagogues populating the council, this should come as no surprise. Feminist Frequency,

I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

I Was Banned From Facebook for Defending Rape Victims

The censor happy PC lunatics at Facebook are entirely too familiar to my regular readers. I’ve been blocked from the world’s most popular social network for thirty days at a clip more times than I can recall. Whether it’s a meme about hyperinflation getting flagged as racist, or daring to criticize communist mass murderers like Che Guevera, or the bland comparison of a politician to Hitler, Facebook’s hypersensitivity to race and other issues has been well documented.

Adam Kokesh Assaulted By Black Lives Matter

Adam Kokesh Assaulted By Black Lives Matter

Adam Kokesh announced that he was assaulted by Black Lives Matter protesters for filming and asking questions. He says full video and commentary will be on his YouTube channel on Monday, but released a short video clip on his Instagram showing an activist advising him to take some “diversity classes”.

Too Timid for Tumblr?

Tumblr is the 6th most popular social network on the planet, right behind Google+. It is typically thought of as the social network of choice for the furthest fringes of left wing social justice fanatics. Users identify as transgender, transethnic, otherkin, gender fluid, non-binary, and all manner of bizarre pseudo-identities and wail frantically at any “problematic” comment by “shitlords” who doubt the legitimacy of their deep in the rabbit hole ideologies. It is where the phrase “die cis scum” originated,

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