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Radical Agenda EP108 – Flamewar

Radical Agenda EP108 - Flamewar

There’s a storm a’brewin over at Facebook. Employees have been writing “Black Lives Matter” on the walls, and other employees have been crossing it out to write “All Lives Matter”. According to the anti-white leftist narrative however, saying that all lives matter is racist, and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t much appreciate his white employees standing up for themselves. Zuckerberg insists that “There are specific issues affecting the black community in the United States coming from a history of oppression and racism. ‘Black

Ethan Glover – Another Saboteur Arrives in Keene

Ethan Glover - SEO Spammer

When people try to put together a mass political migration, it pays to be welcoming. Folks pick up their lives and make a go of it in a new place, presumably because they share the same values, and so you want to go out of your way to make them feel at home. This is done largely in the hope that others will follow. The obvious downside to this is, people show up with varying agendas and problems. If you’re not careful,

Google’s Fact Checking Scheme: A War on Truth

The High Tech War on Truth

Google to become final arbiter of “facts”? Google recently published a research paper proposing that the world’s largest search engine change its ranking algorithms to dampen sites with a high number of “false facts”. The paper specifically uses the example of Barack Obama’s nationality, and New Scientist uses the specific example of “anti-vaccination sites”,  leading some to speculate this is an effort to target “conspiracy theories” and alternative news. It’s a worthy concern. Facebook not long ago launched a feature to

“General Conduct” Turns Net Neutrality into Net Takeover

Electronic Frontier Foundation Endorses Government ISP

I’ve enjoyed some laughs this morning at the expense of some folks who work so hard to convince themselves that State aggression can serve a legitimate purpose. Like most issues pertaining to the State, this is no laughing matter, but sometimes that’s all you can do. I’ve been all over the net neutrality story, especially after finding out that the Electronic Frontier Foundation was endorsing it. We had Kit Walsh from EFF come on Free Talk Live, and Corynne McSherry from EFF

New Feature: Group Mail List

New Feature: Group Mail List

Social media has really revolutionized the way we communicate. Putting large numbers of people into electronic communities, providing ways of finding people with shared interests, geographic proximity, and mutual friends, has expanded our connections in terms of numbers dramatically. That system has its downsides as well of course. For one, we’re overloaded. All of those connections feeding us everything that goes through their heads, from politics to photos of their breakfast, makes for entirely too much information to process. There

Hacker Wars

Hacker Wars

Towards the end of Free Talk Live last night, this site went offline. These things always have such wonderful timing. A website going down in the middle of a live radio broadcast is like realizing you have to pee mid coitus. I did what I could from my smartphone, which amounted to rebooting the server and little else, which only got the site back up for a couple of minutes. There have been other times when this website had gone down

Some Garbage Podcast EP022 –

Electronic Frontier Foundation Endorses Government ISP

Corynne McSherry from the Electronic Frontier Foundation will be joining the program to discuss her organization’s endorsement of net neutrality. We’ll also be discussing the news of the week, and taking your calls. At least during Corynne’s segment, this will probably be one of the more serious episodes of the show. We’ll try and make things funny and dark during other segments, but this needs serious attention. I’ve been talking a lot about net neutrality lately, and I’m disturbed by how many

Electronic Frontier Foundation Endorses

Electronic Frontier Foundation Endorses Government ISP

You may recall I’ve come out pretty harshly against “Net Neutrality” both here and on Free Talk Live. Most recently, the Obama administration is making a push for government run Internet Service Providers in the United States. We can expect that kind of push from Barack Obama. It’s hardly surprising to find a Democrat who succeeded in all but taking over the health care industry, and pushed for taxes on carbon dioxide in hopes of changing the weather, support greater

Are Electronic Cigarettes For You?

Are Electronic Cigarettes For You?

I get asked a lot of questions about my e-cigarette, aka personal vaporizer. I constantly end up evangalizing about it, to the point it almost comes of sounding like a sales pitch. Instead of perpetually repeating myself, I thought I’d put together this introduction. The basic idea behind an electronic cigarette is a power source, usually a battery, and a heating element which vaporizes a flavored liquid containing nicotine. There are people who use it without nicotine as well, and others

A Government ISP is not Market Competition

Government Programs are not Market Competition

President Obama is set to make a push today for the FCC to override state and local laws prohibiting municipalities from getting into the business of providing Internet access. The push is part of a larger package of initiatives the President is unveiling leading up to his January 20th State of the Union address. Incumbent telecoms like AT&T and Time Warner Cable have lobbied extensively around the country to ensure they don’t have to compete directly with such municipal projects.

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