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Radical Agenda EP287 – Gassed

Radical Agenda EP287 - Gassed

I was listening to today’s White House Press Briefing in the car, and as soon as the words fell out of Sean Spicer’s mouth, I knew what exactly what the media was going to do. In case you didn’t catch it, the Trump Administration’s Press Secretary said that “even someone as despicable as Adolf Hitler, didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” There are of course those who doubt that six trillion Jews were murdered in Hitler’s gas chambers for no

Starting the live show late today

I just sent out an email and social media notice that I intended to start the show late today, from 7-9pm. It was then brought to my attention that there is a live debate between Adam Kokesh and Augustus Invictus at 7:30, and now I’m trying to decide if I want to cover it live or further delay the show so I can talk about it after. I’ll update this post and send out an email after I decide.

Open Borders Isn’t Libertarian, It’s Global Communism

Sadly, there still seems to be a great deal of confusion both inside and outside of libertarian circles about libertarianism’s relationship with the immigration issue. This is no mark against someone who has simply not had it explained to them, of course. The position is not entirely obvious to the casual onlooker. The persistence with which some insist on clinging to falsehood however, I find quite troubling. The layman’s assumption would be that libertarians favor open borders. This is an understandable

Twitter Counts Political Statements as “Violent Threats”

So, you may have heard I got “suspended” from Twitter the morning after the New Hampshire presidential primary. I make no secret or denial that I said cruel, racist, things on Twitter. Nor do I make any secret or denial that I sincerely want terrible things to happen to my political enemies. I’ve even gone so far as to suggest the government should exterminate them. What I have not done, however, is make personal threats. I have not said “I

Radical Agenda EP080 – Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

Radical Agenda EP080 - Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal

I hope you’re all enjoying this fine holiday with your family, but in case your not, feel free to join us for a special Radical Agenda holiday commiseration. I mentioned last night that I hate Christmas. On the other hand, I love that it pisses off liberals. Anything which makes a leftist twitch is alright with me. Liberals just plain cannot enjoy anything decent, they can only celebrate degeneracy and destruction. I mean, even the weather is a problem for

The Libertarians Who Cried Wolf – A True Fable

Once upon a time, in a magical land called New Hampshire, there lived a society of people who called themselves libertarians. In most ways, they were just like any other people. They had jobs, families, and friends. They cared about the world they lived in, and wanted to make it better. They didn’t like the use of violence or deception. What set these people apart from others however, was that they did not make exceptions to the rules for a class

Comment Policy Update

Christopher Cantwell

I’ve long held the comment policy here pretty open. The only thing I have not permitted is the posting of links. As a result, one who looks through the posts here over time can find no shortage of hate filled nonsense directed at me and my readers. Links aren’t the only way to spam. I banned one user a month or so ago for containing within his nonsense hateful comments that they would be discussing his nonsense hateful comments on

Recent Downtime had an outage

Not long ago, had gotten too popular for our shared hosting provider to handle. There were frequent outages during traffic spikes, and our provider, HostGator, was less than helpful. The day before Thanksgiving, they locked out the account and stopped responding to our support requests. There were several days of continuous downtime on all my sites due to this, and it was loud and clear that I could no longer trust my sites to HostGator. I acquired a dedicated server

Shirt Design Contest

T-Shirt Design

This website exists because a lot of people feel like I have a way with words. Unfortunately, this talent does not extend itself to fashion design. Some of you may have noticed the Shop here has finally been populated with some items, but the checkout feature is disabled as of the time I write this. That’s going to change pretty soon, but first I need a solid design for merchandise. I had recently posted a rough draft to the Facebook page,

GOP Takes US Senate: Don’t Celebrate Yet

Even though all elections are scams, they can be very interesting to watch. I watched rather intently, and despite my distaste for both parties, a part of me was really glad to see the Republican party trounce Democrats last night. The GOP expanded their majority in the US House, regained control of the US Senate, and even managed to pick up a number of Governor’s seats. I haven’t checked the numbers yet, but I imagine they picked up a great

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