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Letters from a Charlottesville jail episode 17

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Cantwell and Kessler: UTR cost at $170,000, Russians promoted BLM on Facebook & Communists infiltrating the military

  *Unite the Right cost for Charlottesville at ~$170,000 and growing *Russians used Facebook to promote Black Lives Matter in Ferguson and the popularity of Hillary Clinton with Muslim women during the election *Communists Begin Infiltrating the US Military Support Chris’ legal defense fund: More at and

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 004

  Part 1 LIVE from Seg! Ep. 004 – Candid Cantwell (Part 1)   Part 2 LIVE from Seg! Ep. 004 – Candid Cantwell (Part 2)   Please donate! 1433 Rescue Fund

Letters From a Charlottesville Jail Episode 15

Call between Mike Enoch and Christopher Cantwell from the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail on 9/20/2017.   1433 Rescue Fund

Cantwell and Kessler- Meeting James Fields, Kim Jung Un’s “Dotard” Remark, Valerie Plame Calls Out American Jews

*Chris is moved out of isolation onto a cell block with the other Unite the Right political prisoners *Leftists line up to support Communist dictator Kim Jung Un after he calls Trump a “dotard” *Chris’ first meeting with James Fields *Valerie Plame & Blame for America’s Wars: Jews, Oil or ‘Spreading Democracy’? Please contribute!

The Walmart Parking Lot Incident (Why Emily Gorcenski didn’t go to the Police)

Piece by a staff member, unless directly mentioned by name below giving his thoughts, not Cantwell’s words   Usually when someone accuses someone of a crime, there is a police investigation. The police don’t need to prove the person did it, just that they have enough evidence (probable cause) to suspect that the person did the alleged crime(s). Then the police ask a prosecutor to file charges. In more serious cases, a grand jury indictment is needed to seek charges.

Letters From a Charlottesville Jail Episode 14

Call between Christopher Cantwell and Mike Enoch. Please donate! 1433 Rescue Fund

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 003 – Libertarian-to-Fascist Pipeline

  LIVE from Seg! Ep. 003 – Libertarian-to-Fascist Pipeline Please contribute to help Chris!

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 002 – Pay Gap

Political prisoner Chris Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this second episode of LIVE from Seg!, presented by the Radical Agenda. Topics discussed include: Google Firing of James Damore Google being sued for pay discrimination Juggalo March on DC Hitler quote of the day Much more! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure to donate to Chris so that he can fight these trumped up charges against him. **DONATE TO CHRIS’ HATREON ACCOUNT** ***Donate to Chris’ GOYFUNDME!!*** LIVE from

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