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Jared Howe & Cantwell – Part 3

Chris Cantwell called me on 9/8. Topics discussed include: – Stefan Molyneux – Tom Woods – Stephen Colbert – The JQ – Trump – Immigration – Identity Politics – The Alt Right – Climate change funding – Democrats vs. Republicans *PLEASE SHARE AND MIRROR TO OTHER CHANNELS* *PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO CHRIS ON HATREON* ** FACEBOOK IS CENSORING THESE VIDEOS ** If you would like to mail a letter to Cantwell address is as follows and must have a return

Cantwell & Kessler: Charlottesville City Council Chimps Out Again and White Zion

Charlottesville’s afro-centric Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy berates a white man and then offers a black power salute. Cantwell discusses his reading of Culture of Critique and White Zion  

Jared Howe and Christopher Cantwell

9/7 conversation between Jared Howe Chris Cantwell, who is incarcerated in Charlottesville without bail for defending himself at the Unite the Right rally in August. Topics discussed include: – Gavin McInnes – The JQ – White genocide – Mike Cernovich – Kevin Macdonald’s Culture of Critique – New Hampshire voter fraud – Chuck Schumer – Permanent repeal of debt ceiling – D’nations – The left’s anti-white agenda – Internet censorship

It was wrong for the judge to deny Cantwell bail for his thoughts on self-defense

Piece by a staff member, unless directly mentioned by name below giving his thoughts, not Cantwell’s words Christopher Cantwell was not at the scene where Heather Heyer died nor did he organize the unpermitted march Antifa and other leftists held during the state of emergency which contributed to her death. However, Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney Robert Tracci thought it was proper to bring out Cantwell’s opinion on Ms. Heyer’s death to try to get the judge to deny Mr. Cantwell bail even

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