Nationalist Scorecard Episode 3 – Tommy Robinson

In this third episode of Nationalist Scorecard we’re taking on Tommy Robinson, whose real name is supposedly Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 2 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a danger to humanity because he knows exactly the right “pace” to lull gullible whites back to

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 1 – Stefan Molyneux

I’m starting a new series called Nationalist Scorecard, in which I review popular intellectual figures in the public space. The

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Is The Alt-Right A Toxic Brand? | Matthew Drake

Like it or not, optics, branding, and public perception matter when it comes to achieving political goals. The J-media knows

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Matthew Drake Cucks, Refuses To Name The Jew + The Video (((They))) Don’t Want You To See

Greetings Fashy Brethren, Allow me to introduce myself. I am Matthias Drake. You are likely familiar with my twin brother,

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