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  • David

    Seriously. Christopher Cantwell’s blog is all about him and nothing more. You disagree even slightly with what he says and your post will get the axe.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Hi retard. This blog has over 15,000 comments posted on it an a lot of them are negative. The one thing I don’t allow is spamming other websites in the comments. Maybe you should fuck your mother and then hang yourself like a good little boy?

      • David

        You’re an idiot.

      • David


        I read more of your ‘blog’ (or tried to). Wow. Soooooo stupid and sooooo angry… Take some basic political classes (you have no idea what Anarchism is, for example) and maybe some anger management. You should also probably consider some mental health help while you’re at it, before you end up dead in a botched mass-shooting attempt

        ….[and to be clear, I mean a mass-shooting perpetrated by you, not a threat toward you. I know I have to spell that out for you because you’re not bright enough to see the difference between linking a wiki article explaining a law that was broken in the context of a discussion and ‘spammy shit’).

        There’s only one retard here and that is most definitely you.

  • David

    So much for anarchism, eh Chris?
    A true anarchist would not delete posts that brought up apposing views.
    What’s sort of funny about you is the fact that I could also fit those three descriptors (Anarchist, Atheist, Realist) and many people I know as well (including, surprisingly, lots of other climbers) –but you, just in the censorship, and oddly, what you’re choosing to censor, are a little more ‘authoritarian’ than ‘anarchist’ –but you might really be a atheist. As for realist… yeah 🙂

    Anyway. Good luck with your little well censored echo-chamber here.

    • Illwill

      Like Chris said, David… hang yourself. Enjoy your freedom of speech while we still let you have it. Get ready to go skydiving with no parachute!

    • Gadfly156

      First, freedom of speech is not freedom to spam or troll. Period. Ever. No exceptions. You’re not that fucking brilliant that you deserve a special pleading.

      Next, you’re on someone else’s turf — and if he doesn’t want your obnoxious, time-wasting, odious ass on here it is perfectly within his perogative to kick you out. If he does not want MY ass here, he is perfectly within his right to kick me off. He does not owe either one of us his space, time, bandwidth, venue, or anything else, not even an explanation.

      What, are you going to cry “censorship” when someone refuses to put up with a guest who behaves like a combination of an annoying swarm of gnats and a lump of vapid dog shit? Do let me know. I can send numerous folks your way, for an indefinite stay at your place, at their discretion and on their terms, who would be willing to play the part 24/7. And when you have had enough of them and told them to hit the road, that will be their cue to hang about outside, whining, crying, and protesting that you’re somehow “denying them a voice.”

      Seriously — you fucking entitlement wankers and your ludicrous notions of what constitutes your “rights”. You have ZERO FUCKING RIGHTS where somebody else’s zone begins. Do try to keep up with reality.

      Last, but by no means least, nobody fucking died and made you the arbiter of what constitutes a “true” anything, Snowflake. Anarchist, atheist, or anything else. Sure, have an opinion all you please, just like everyone else — but don’t play that tired, dried up, obsolete and antiquated game of pretending to pass it off as some sort of indisputable fact. Have some bloody self-respect, man.

      P.S. fuck off.

      • David

        Hey super long-winded bright guy who should also take at least one high-school level poly-sci class before treading in such ‘deep’ water, did you happen to notice that post was 9 months old? Of course you didn’t. Yeah, you’re a little late to the party—but I’m sure that hasn’t stopped you before.

        As for Snowflakes.


        • Gadfly156

          That’s so cute. You think you actually have something to say.
          Fuck off.

  • pookiedammit

    Hey Chris, sorry you have to spend you birthday in jail. Well darn it, put on some heels and dance away…