Now is your chance!

I know what you’re thinking right now. “It’s too good to be true.” For all these years you’ve been enjoying Radical Agenda and my writing on this blog, and thinking to yourself “How can I be a part of this?” Well, your opportunity is now here. I need help with a few things for which I would like to solicit the help of volunteers.



As implied by the use of the term “volunteer” these are not paying jobs, yet. At this point I’m just looking for people who want to help move this production forward. However,  this is a revenue positive operation, and with your assistance I hope to see that revenue grow considerably over the next year. I’m willing to invest that money back into the production by paying the people who help make it happen.

At the risk of bragging, I’ll go so far as to say I’m pretty good at what I do, and I think this has the potential to be much bigger. If you’re reading this, I’ll presume you concur. As you’ll see in the help requests that follow, I’m spending a great deal of effort on technical and administrative tasks which distract from my creative works. By delegating some of this work to others, I can focus more on content production, thereby increasing the audience size and revenue. Those who help me get there, will get first crack at a cut of that revenue. 

First Things First

Besides paying me or putting in actual work on this platform, the best thing you can do is share the content on social media. For some of you I realize this is impossible because of work, family, etc… But if you are already posting controversial political commentary and that sort of thing, please help grow this audience by sharing articles and podcasts on your social media platforms, giving likes, thumbs ups, +1s, reposts, and that sort of thing.

Entry Level/Training Available

These positions are open to people I’m minimally familiar with. If you’ve been a regular commenter, caller, small donor, or other person I have some familiarity with, I can take a chance at giving you a level of access to these platforms. They also don’t require a great deal of prior experience, and I can show you how to handle them in a short period of time.

1. Forum (phpBB) Moderators

You may or may not be aware of this, but I have a forum on the website which is barely used. I’d like to see that change. Despite my best efforts to limit spam registrations with captchas and whatnot, they still manage to get through and spam the forums. I need moderators to manually approve new users, delete spam that does show up, and ban spammers. Additionally, the forum is never going to go anywhere unless people actually use it, so I would expect moderators to engage on the forum. Make a post from time to time, respond to new posts, and if something is worthy of my direct attention, notify me of it.

2. IRC Operators

I also have a chatroom set up which is almost never used. I’d also like to see this change, but that will require people to be in the chat room and to engage people when they do join. Also, to make sure whoever does come is not spamming/trolling, and ban people who make trouble.

3. Reddit Mods

This Facebook shit is getting out of control, and I cannot continue to make it my primary social network. I’ve put thousands of hours into this mess and they just yank it out from under me seemingly at random. Twitter is proving just as bad, as discussed earlier. Reddit has its problems as well, but it is a large platform which has far fewer restrictions than FB/Twitter. If you can log into Reddit a couple of times a day, post interesting shit, and engage other posters, I’ll make you a moderator of our subreddit. Ban SJWs and spammers, etc…

4. Radio Programming

The TuneIn/IceCast station runs off of an automation system known as Airtime. I’ve just been running reruns of RA when I’m off the air, but we would likely see a lot more listenership if we put up some more varied content. I’d want you to regularly upload the latest Freedomain Radio, Tom Woods, and TRS podcasts (as well as other interesting content you might find) and add it to the schedule. Since it is extraordinarily unlikely any of you have experience with this, I’d probably need to train you on the system but it isn’t terribly difficult.


Before you ask, I’m not looking for writers or co-hosts. It is often suggested that I bring other writers onto the site, and I’ll probably do that at some point. But there is a lot to consider in that and it probably involves some rebranding that isn’t going to happen right away.

There are other, perhaps less glorious, ways to help.

1. Meme Lords

You may have heard that people get a real kick out of images on social media, particularly when they convey humor or a political point. There is no better way of growing a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter following than by creating dank memes and being the first to post them.

Most people would prefer to reap the rewards of this for themselves, but I know a few successful content producers who have managed to get people to do this for them. If I could find myself so lucky as to get people doing that for me, it would be fantastic.

2. Research/Power Point

I’ve long been a fan of those Molyneux “Truth About” videos and they are a great way of presenting a particular point of view. I spend a lot of time reading news and literary works to keep my head full of ideas, but having an assistant or team thereof with a talent for compiling facts and statistics into an organized format would dramatically increase the quality of my work.

3. Show Segments

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to watch a two hour show. Shorter videos on YouTube tend to spread faster for this reason, and others. If there is a particularly good segment of any particular episode of Radical Agenda, mark down the start and end time of that segment so I can release it as a separate video. I can do the editing and uploading myself, or you can edit it and send me the file, or upload it to the channel yourself if I’m convinced it is safe to give you access to the channel.

Those segments could and should also get uploaded to other video platforms such as Facebook, LiveLeak, Break, and Funny or Die.

4. Musical Talent

I really should get a proper musical intro and outro for the show. Additionally, if you have any talent with autotune and that sort of thing to make hilarious remixes of certain bits from the show, that can really be entertaining and help spread the word.

5. Guest Bookings

One of the surest ways to see the views for a particular episode shoot skyward, is to have a noteworthy guest on the show. I’ve had Tom Woods, Walter Block, Walter Williams, Mister Metokur, and Adam Kokesh to name a few, on the show before and each episode did better than prior episodes. This, perhaps obviously also increases subscribers and subsequent listeners.

Sadly, the more entertaining the program becomes, the more people I piss off, and getting guests can sometimes be a challenge. If you can help me get good guests, you’ll be directly increasing the size of the audience.

6. Booking me as a guest on other shows/events

Many of you found me through Adam vs. The Man, the Tom Woods Show, Anarchast, Free Talk Live, Red Ice Radio, Gavin McInnes, or The Right Stuff. Others may have heard me speak at PorcFest, Anarchy in the NYC, LibertyFest, Keenevention, or Burning Porcupine. Helping me get on other people’s shows, or get speaking engagements, exposes me to other audiences, and hence helps grow this one.

Tweet at popular personalities suggesting they have me on, or better yet, use whatever contacts you might have to get me guest slots on popular programs.


These positions are a bit more complicated, and require granting you access to certain aspects of the production which could harm me if misused. I’d require a government ID and a legally binding non-disclosure agreement, along with some proof that you are qualified to do the work. These jobs are also likely to pay before others.

1. cPanel/Linux Administration

This website, along with several others, operate on a dedicated cPanel server I rent from a datacenter in New York. I have another server running on Amazon AWS as well which hosts the Airtime software and the IRC server. Sometimes problems arise with these systems, and I’m out of practice and behind on changes to the systems.

I am certain, for example, that this server is capable of serving web pages faster than it presently does. This is largely masked by the CloudFlare reverse proxy sitting in front of it, but when I navigate the back end I feel the wait even though the server load is consistently quite low. This is hurting me in Google and causes undue delays when users hit pages which aren’t cached.

2. WordPress Developer

You may have noticed, this site isn’t much to look at. Also, in addition to the suspicion of server issues, I’m certain that the pages could load faster than they do. There are some suggestions the Google PageSpeed analyzer has made, but I haven’t been able to implement them without breaking certain parts of the site. I also want to create an area of the site that is only open to paying members, which would grant access to certain content other visitors cannot access.

It is important that you understand before you contact me about this position that I am more than capable of moving things around in the WordPress back end. I am looking for someone who can edit code, and actually understands the system. Having a WordPress blog does not by itself qualify you for this.

Experience with WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress are a huge plus.

3. Mailing List (Mail Chimp) Administration

I recently upgraded the mailing list system for this website from WordPress’s JetPack, to Mail Chimp. This should provide us with a lot of different options for keeping in contact with users, gathering more detailed statistics about mailings, and a lot more.

It also creates a new expense and administrative task.

The primary thing on my mind for this right now is maintaining a separate list of current and former donors. That involves the tedious work of going through my emails from PayPal and Patreon, and adding and removing addresses based on who signed up and who cancelled or got suspended for falling behind.  It’s also perhaps the most important task at hand since right now my donors get nothing but the satisfaction of knowing they’ve donated. I need to be able to communicate with these people to maintain their support.

4. Search Engine Optimization/Anti-Spam

You may have noticed, I make enemies a lot faster than I make friends. In addition to the social media censorship problems, I’ve also had problems with negative SEO attacks being launched against this website. These are likely to continue since these people are ruthless, dishonest, scum who have entirely too much time on their hands.

Rather than give people more ideas by going into detail, I’ll just say that these things create a tedious workload and my talents could be better directed toward creative work than dealing with it myself. If you are qualified for this position, you already know what needs to be done.


I try not to overload readers and listeners with advertisements, and with the size of the audience it wouldn’t do a great deal of good for me to do so anyway. Most of the money comes from the audience in the form of direct contributions either through PayPal, Bitcoin, or Patreon. However, some affiliate programs like Amazon, and some display ads, like AdSense do contribute significantly to the revenue of the production here.

You may have noticed ads for OptiMind, and Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom. These are examples of products/services that are of direct interest to the audience. I don’t mind endorsing them because they are actually worthwhile, and they pay decent returns for conversions.

Soon I’ll be adding my Walmart affiliate link. Since Walmart is a store that nearly everyone shops at, listeners can shop through that link, have the same experience, and just give me a small cut of the action.

I also have accounts with Commission Junction and LinkShare, which provide huge opportunities with various affiliate programs on all types of products and services. But managing large numbers of advertisers, choosing the right ones for the audience, and removing ads that aren’t producing is a considerable administrative task which distracts from my creative efforts.

Getting someone else to manage these things, and seek out new opportunities to monetize the content without bombarding the reader/listener/viewer could increase revenues without slowing creative work.

Are you in or near New Hampshire?

In addition to these technical, administrative, and creative tasks, I, like everyone else, have everyday things I need to deal with. Car repairs, shopping, cleaning, laundry, errands, and any variety of different services you might excel at performing. If you wanted to dedicate some time to helping me in any of these areas, I would be most grateful.

Production-wise, there is a lot of technical work that goes into the show which I’ve been handling myself while on air. If I had a call screener or board operator, it would allow me to focus more on talking.

Got a better idea?

I’m certain there are those of you out there who have some other way you can help that I haven’t thought of. Feel free to contact me with your suggestions.


Use the contact form below to tell me a little bit about yourself and how you think you can help. Include a phone number, and Skype contact if applicable. I’ll contact you individually to discuss things further, and if appropriate I’ll add you to an email list so we can stay in contact easily.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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And as always, remember that this is made possible by donors like you. You can also help by bookmarking and shopping through my Amazon associates link. Without that support, this site will cease to exist.