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    Jordan Peterson was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and I hope you all listen to it. Young men from the first world are flocking to him for a reason, and to hear him struggle to explain this is really something. What struck me was his work with the texts of Carl Jung. I’ll attempt to recall them here. There is no morality involved when a naively nice man is nice, but only when a monster is. We are all horror-show killers of the highest rank, because we are humans, and a dark streak from the past ties this evil right into our souls. Stumbling around thinking we are separated from this past is not a hero move. We must know that we will die, truly know it, and know that we are killers, and control that, in order to play out the hero role that has kept us afloat for all these millennia.

    Also trailing us from the past is God, and a very real Heaven and Hell, and to dismiss this as superstition might literally end the world. These are serious things. He mentions that Nietzsche created the superman in order to deal with the death of God, and that Hitler sort of continued this in a way, but Jordan does not offer any alternative ideas for us. What comes to my mind is space travel. If we are pushing things hard and ships are blowing up, we just might be able to act as heroes still. This would of course be after one last war, which would itself keep us sane for a time. Right now we are in flux, and these are very scary times. If we make the wrong move we might bring literal Hell to earth. Jordan paints a future possibility worse than nuclear apocalypse, a dystopia he can’t quite explain, but one he can guide us to if we concentrate on the pain in his voice, because a hint of it lives within us all. You think we are lost children now, wait until our very building blocks, stacked up over hundreds of millions of years, crumble beneath the weight of our too-smart postmodern minds. My point, however, is this: an old man from Canada has a thousand legions of young men, who he is training to self-identify as killers, in the darkest Jungian-shadow type of way, ready to spark a hero’s battle at his call. My prediction is that it will be a strange band of people similar to these who will win the final fight. Atifa and isis will seem like schoolboys when the psycho-centric soldiers of tomorrow start fighting in heroic fashion for all of the past.

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