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  • Rico

    What, no adult toys or novelties?

  • Tyler Scott

    Hey Chris, do you have an eBay link?

    • ANONNYMOUS hahahaha

      I spend thousands per month on ebay for business i would like to know as well so you can get a cut of it Chris

      • Christopher Cantwell

        The eBay link has been here for awhile, I just moved it up toward the top. If you guys would do your shopping through it I would be very grateful.

  • ANONNYMOUS hahahaha

    just added alibaba and amazon links to browser all you other cucks need to do the same you lazy cheap bastards, give this man some money for putting out hours of videos and content per week. It takes 10 fucking seconds shitholes.

  • fatt_sam

    Just bought a load of free books from amazon, hope that helps…When I next actually pay money for one I’ll go thru here, it’s handier than I’d thought. I assumed I wouldn’t be signed in, but it went straight to my account. It’d be worth pointing that out, as I’ve always thought it’d be a hassel to sign in..

  • Joell Palmer

    I was looking for the Alibaba, or DHGate link. Can you post those up for future refrence? Those sites are the best for me to buy and resell Kinky BDSM items. I would like to help you get a cut on my purchases.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Something got mangled with the Alibaba link code, thanks for pointing this out. It’s back, and I also added DHGate, both are the last banners on the page.

      • Joell Palmer

        Just for your records that DHGate keeps on track…
        Thanks for being awesome!

        You have paid : US $ 195.58

        • Christopher Cantwell

          Thanks! I see the sale/commission in my dashboard!

  • bowdown2anthony

    where is your link to the self-defense insurance? I want to sign up today but don’t see the link anymore

  • David Harmon

    I had a ridiculously overpriced calculator I wanted to buy, so I figured I would share some shekels with you for my purchase. Keep up the shitposting Chris.

  • Clayton εжз

    You have a premium membership thing now? Can I simply mail you cash for access?

    Ya, still doing the amazon thing and giving you a taste.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      That’s going to create a management overhead that I’m not presently prepared to deal with. I’ll get back to you on this.