Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a revolutionary digital currency that is challenging the foundations of the way people do business and interact generally. It is completely decentralized and peer to peer, meaning there is no government, bank, corporation or other central authority involved. Accounts cannot be seized or frozen. Money can be transferred anywhere in the world, instantly, for little to no fees. Transactions are irreversible. And an ever expanding market of goods and services has popped up around the wide variety of options this type of financial tool provides.

Don’t wait until the next big price jump, get in on Bitcoin today with these exchange markets.

When I want to exchange US Dollars for Bitcoin, I often use Coinbase. You fund your account using ACH bank transfers (which can take up to 5 days) and once your account is funded you can buy and sell instantly. They also offer merchant accounts so you can accept Bitcoin payments for your business, and have the option of converting some or all of the Bitcoin into your local currency instantly.

coinbase-bannerBut there are lots of options for buying and selling Bitcoin.

LocalBitcoins allows you to facilitate Bitcoin transactions in a variety of ways, including trading with people in your local area.

If you prefer to use credit cards or cash to purchase your Bitcoins, there is CoinMama. Expect to pay a premium for the convenience though.
CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card


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