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Jared Howe & Cantwell – Part 3

Chris Cantwell called me on 9/8. Topics discussed include: – Stefan Molyneux – Tom Woods – Stephen Colbert – The JQ – Trump – Immigration – Identity Politics – The Alt Right – Climate change funding – Democrats vs. Republicans *PLEASE SHARE AND MIRROR TO OTHER CHANNELS* *PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO CHRIS ON HATREON* ** FACEBOOK IS CENSORING THESE VIDEOS ** If you would like to mail a letter to Cantwell address is as follows and must have a return

Cantwell & Kessler: Charlottesville City Council Chimps Out Again and White Zion

Charlottesville’s afro-centric Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy berates a white man and then offers a black power salute. Cantwell discusses his reading of Culture of Critique and White Zion  

Jared Howe and Christopher Cantwell

9/7 conversation between Jared Howe Chris Cantwell, who is incarcerated in Charlottesville without bail for defending himself at the Unite the Right rally in August. Topics discussed include: – Gavin McInnes – The JQ – White genocide – Mike Cernovich – Kevin Macdonald’s Culture of Critique – New Hampshire voter fraud – Chuck Schumer – Permanent repeal of debt ceiling – D’nations – The left’s anti-white agenda – Internet censorship

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