Radical Agenda EP267 – Soft

Radical Agenda EP267 - Soft

Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress last night. In a mostly conciliatory tone, helped along in part by his leftist daughter Ivanka’s influence, he outlined his agenda. He came off as presidential, controlled, a unifying force in a nation deeply divided. Sadly, it served no benefit whatsoever. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said “The speech and reality have never been more detached”. Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear basically ignored the entire speech and hinged the Democratic party’s future on

Radical Agenda EP266 – Witchcraft

Radical Agenda EP266 - Witchcraft

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re not big on superstition. We’ve developed an appreciation for religion insofar as it has served a vital purpose to man, but we don’t typically get worked up about the supernatural. Over the weekend however, a group of mentally ill women gathered in front of Trump Tower to cast a “binding spell” on the President of the United States, in the hopes it would prevent him from governing. While the likelihood of success for such

Radical Agenda EP265 – Fighting Fascism

Radical Agenda EP265 - Fighting Fascism

Here at the Radical Agenda we really appreciate, amongst other things, humor and physical fitness. They say if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. If you’re strong enough, you can make anyone do anything. So be it by punching or punchlines, we always love making people’s sides hurt. Our leftist counterparts, who are not particularly known for their martial prowess or sense of humor, seem to be picking up on this. Now that their democratic

Dave Smith vs. Chris Cantwell

Dave Smith vs. Chris Cantwell

I had the pleasure of joining Dave Smith this morning as he guest hosted episode 303 of the Gavin McInnes show. Dave is a comedian from New York who came up on a prior episode of Radical Agenda (263) after referencing me on the Tom Woods show. The incident started off somewhat confrontational, as is often the case in my dealings. Dave, however was very good about the whole thing and invited me to come on Gavin’s show to discuss

Radical Agenda EP264 – Grammar

Radical Agenda EP264 - Grammar

Here at the Radical Agenda, we pride ourselves on our command of the English language. Written or spoken, words are kind of important, especially when we try to deal with things on such a scale as the United States government. If we can’t communicate, we’re on the sure path to conflict. So if everybody is speaking a different language, this does not bode well for civilization. Now whenever there is something very important to the healthy functioning of society, leftists

Radical Agenda EP263 – My President’s Day

Radical Agenda EP263 - My President's Day

For most of us here in the United States, today is President’s day. It’s an opportunity to skip work and reflect on the best and worst who have managed to occupy that old building there on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. For others, today is “Not My President’s Day” and it represents an opportunity to whine about losing an election. It is one of many opportunities provided to us to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that leftists are conniving manipulative filth

Radical Agenda EP262 – Sit Down

Radical Agenda EP262 - Sit Down

Donald Trump does a better job of controlling the media by screwing with their egos, than Hillary Clinton did by actually coordinating with them. Yesterday, the God Emperor smacked reporters around like a cat playing with a mouse for almost an hour and a half in a spontaneous press conference. He derided them as “fake news” and “dishonest people” while accurately predicting their portrayal of the event as hallucinatory, even as he coherently responded to their questions without the benefit of

Radical Agenda EP261 – Dove Squads

Radical Agenda EP261 - Dove Squads

The alt-right is keeping anti-racism groups on their toes. From a cartoon amphibian, to rotary aircraft, to common punctuation, to popular internet services, they have repeatedly turned regular everyday things that we all see, hear, and use on a regular basis into symbols of racist hatred. The newest weapon in their arsenal of Hitlerian propaganda comes in the form of a purple bird. “Trash Dove” as it was originally named by its creator, Florida artist Syd Weller, has quickly become latest dog whistle for

Radical Agenda EP260 – VD

Radical Agenda EP260 - VD

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when we love everyone equally and indiscriminately, sort of like every other day. There is nothing that should cause us to spread inequality, be it of wealth, social status, or love. Unfortunately, inequality runs rampant, especially in the love department. Some of our fellow global citizens are still under the impression that discriminating in the love department is okay, but today that comes to an end. I have compiled a collection of

Radical Agenda EP259 – Grabbable

Radical Agenda EP259 - Grabbable

White supremacist terrorist, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made the treacherous journey across the racist US/Canada border to meet with fascist dictator Donald Trump. There are unconfirmed reports that the God Emperor grabbed Trudeau by the back of the neck and whispered “Come here, fuqboi!” in his ear, before taking Canada’s first openly gay prime minister to a holding cell in the basement of the White House, and tossing him in a cage with illegal immigrants. Trudeau emerged

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