Pikeville and the Traditionalist Worker Party

Pikeville and the Traditionalist Worker Party

This coming weekend, the Traditionalist Worker Party is holding an event in Pikeville, Kentucky. It plans to include several white nationalist groups, including those of the National Socialist variety. I had been considering attending the event, but due to expense I had mentioned on the show it was less than likely I would attend. I’m writing to you today in the hopes we can facilitate my attendance because a couple of things have since come across my radar which make

Radical Agenda EP293 – Rapid Fire

Radical Agenda EP293 - Rapid Fire

Here at the Radical Agenda, we sometimes have to work very hard to put show prep together. This is not one of those days. I have so many stories on my radar today, that I could not possibly endeavor to put them into a singular cohesive summary. For example, AntiFa is looking to upgrade their weaponry from pepper spray and flagpoles, to guns. This was more or less inevitable, of course. These skinny communist losers were never fit for hand

Radical Agenda EP292 – Dark Adventures

Radical Agenda EP292 - Dark Adventures

Today’s episode of the Radical Agenda will be audio only, and will be airing late due to my ongoing travels. I’ll send an email out to mailing list subscribers before I go on air. You can listen live on TuneIn, or using the raw audio stream with your browser or favorite streaming app. I’m on my way back from Auburn Alabama, where Richard Spencer scored a huge victory for contract obligation, free speech, and identitarian movements. I stopped off in Atlanta

Radical Agenda EP291 – Awe, Burn!

Radical Agenda EP291 - Awe, Burn!

Today I’ll be doing an audio only episode of the show, due to the not so great Internet connectivity at the hotel I’m staying at. You can listen on TuneIn, or using the raw audio stream with your browser or favorite streaming app. I’m at this hotel, because as you may have heard, I was in Auburn Alabama last night for a Richard Spencer event. He was on episode 290 with me discussing the trouble leading up to it. Specifically that

Radical Agenda EP290 – Heckler’s Veto

Radical Agenda EP290 - Heckler's Veto

Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak at Auburn University in Alabama on Tuesday, April 18th at 7:00pm Eastern, until left wing terrorists threatened the university and the cowards who run it took that opportunity to shut down the event. Or so they thought. Richard says he is going to be showing up anyway, though the details are being kept under a certain layer of operational security. I’ll be attending, because like many of you I am sick and tired of

Radical Agenda EP289 – The Franchise

Radical Agenda EP289 - The Franchise

Here at the Radical Agenda, we have what might be described as mixed feelings about voting. Democracy obviously isn’t working out very well, at least not by the standards of anyone who values peace or prosperity. Some libertarians have suggested, and for a time I agreed, that boycotting elections is the answer. That by this method, we could delegitimize democratic governments and default back to some kind of Rothbardian market order. There are some obvious problems with this. Most obviously, anyone who boycotted

Radical Agenda EP288 – AntiFa Roundup

Radical Agenda EP288 - AntiFa Roundup

Augustus Invictus joins us via Skype for the entire two hours today to discuss what’s happening with him, and  other pressing stories. A Facebook page too obscure to mention here tagged me in a post bashing Augustus, and when I went to see what they were about, the entire page was filled with left (((libertarian))) blogs bashing Augustus. I had so much fun looking over them by myself, that I thought this could only be improved by going over them with

Radical Agenda EP287 – Gassed

Radical Agenda EP287 - Gassed

I was listening to today’s White House Press Briefing in the car, and as soon as the words fell out of Sean Spicer’s mouth, I knew what exactly what the media was going to do. In case you didn’t catch it, the Trump Administration’s Press Secretary said that “even someone as despicable as Adolf Hitler, didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” There are of course those who doubt that six trillion Jews were murdered in Hitler’s gas chambers for no

Radical Agenda EP286 – Suidlanders

Radical Agenda EP286 - Suidlanders

Here at the Radical Agenda, we typically tend to focus on Europe and America because those are the regions of primary import to our audience. We speak English, we’re white, and so trying to figure out the inner workings of places governed by savages in desperate need of some colonialism doesn’t seem the best use of our time. Of course, in a world where geographic distance means less and less due to advancements in communications, transportation, and military technology, these places

Radical Agenda EP285 – The Left’s War

Radical Agenda EP285 - The Left's War

Yesterday I caught wind that Donald Trump launched upwards of 50 Tomahawk missiles into Syria. This was done in apparent retaliation for a sarin gas attack supposedly launched by the Assad government against his own people, killing 86, including women and children, babies even. Now, I’m not going to say that launching nerve gas onto unsuspecting people is nice, but I think if one takes a step back and attempts to put it into perspective, this response is unwarranted. The

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