How To Tell People About Bitcoin

I recently did some outreach at the Cheshire County Fair in New Hampshire with Free Talk Live’s Ian Freeman. We

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So… You Thought Bitcoin Would End The State? LOL

Bitcoin will fund, not end, the State. Whenever I talk about use of force in the fight for liberty, those

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Cathy Reisenwitz Accuses Bitcoin of Bigotry, Loses 2 Klout Points

Cathy Reisenwitz Klout Score Drops Two Points After Accusing Bitcoin of Bigotry With left “libertarians” like Cathy Reisenwitz, it’s all

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Bitcoin is on Sale

Bitcoin dropped below $500 for the first time since November, when its price had jumped above $1200. I’ve repeatedly kicked

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The “gig economy” took a leap forward today, as announced that it would allow users to pay for services

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Property vs. Value

An interesting philosophical question was raised during what many had dismissed as nothing more than drama/infighting. For those of you

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