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My Path to Radical Celebritarianism

My Path to Radical Celebritarianism

This post took a few turns since I first started it. As some of you may be aware, I’m working on a book, and this website is part of that project. I’m basically sharing my notes with all of you as I write them, and at some point these notes will be weaved into a cohesive story line. I wanted to include in that book, the story of how I became a libertarian. That story however, begins at birth, as

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Ten Tips for Anti-Liberty Bloggers

As print media fades, and broadcast becomes less and less relevant, more and more people are getting their information from the Internet.┬áThe more people who get their information from the Internet, the more people realize they’ve been lied to by their most trusted media outlets for their entire lives. Wash, rinse, repeat, for a more prosperous and better informed society. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet either.┬áThis is not unique to