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Some Garbage Podcast EP028 – SJW Industrial Complex

Some Garbage Podcast EP028 - SJW Industrial Complex
“First they came for Cantwell, and I did not speak up because I wasn’t an asshole. Then they came for Ron Paul, and I did not speak because I wasn’t a minarchist. Then they came for me, and by that time, not only was there was nobody to speak, but the words had no meaning.“~ You in 20 years if you don’t stop this trend. Social Justice Warriors are at best, misled, and at worst, intentional saboteurs. They destroy everything they get their
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RE: How Not To Talk To People About Liberty

RE: How Not To Talk To People About Liberty

About a year ago, Cathy Reisenwitz and “Libertarian Girl” produced a video titled “How Not To Talk To People About Liberty“. I figured this piece of shit had been retired to the dustbin of left libertarianism’s history, along with the social justice warrior ditz who created it, until it was once again shared by liberty.me on Facebook last night. The video goes through a number of points to demonstrate how the actors look down upon various factions of the libertarian movement, and illustrating

Time For White Male Thick Libertarianism?

I spend a good deal of time on this blog talking about the State. Previously I’ve sort of mocked people who tell me “government isn’t the only oppressor you know!” because while it certainly isn’t the only, it certainly is the most dangerous, the most pervasive, and that which enables all others. While feminists and people who are very concerned about race tell me that a myriad of “privilege” exists in the world which must be “checked” to solve “oppression”

Cathy Reisenwitz’s Christianity Is Like Her Libertarianism

Cathy Reisenwitz Says She’s Still A Christian, She Just Disregards All Its Teachings. Sort Of Like Her Libertarianism. In a recent interview with Adam Kokesh on Adam vs. The Man, Cathy Reisenwitz discussed her religious faith. She says that she was raised as a neocon evangelical Christian in Alabama. She saw libertarians as these “weird sex having, drug doing libertines” a stereotype she says she now embodies, although she still considers herself a Christian. Cathy says; I’ve kind of come

Antonio Buehler Cosigns Reisenwitz Attack on Paul, Rockwell

Peaceful Streets Project founder, Antonio Buehler, has wholeheartedly endorsed the racial hysteria recently provoked by Cathy Reisenwitz. Reisenwitz tweeted that American libertarians were “super racist” and specifically targeted her attacks on such movement leaders as Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, and Lew Rockwell, and others. Reisenwitz has since apologized for the baseless allegations, but Buehler seems to think the slander is still a thing worthy of pursuit. Nevermind the fact that Reisenwitz said all these people have had “racist comments attributed

Consider The Implications of “Thick Libertarian” Strategy

“Thick Libertarian” Strategy Doesn’t Help Libertarianism. Leftists, now shying from that term and its negative antipropertarian connotations, and calling themselves “thick libertarians“, tell us that we must “expand” our philosophy. They tell us we must do this, because that will make our radical movement more popular. They tell us there’s a lot of grey area in the voluntary vs. coercive spectrum. That if we don’t catch up with the times and start treating people special because of their race and

Fake Apologies, or Race Pimping – Which is Worse?

One thing you almost never see me do is apologize. That’s because I’m almost never sorry about what I say or do, and I tend to reserve apologies for when I’m actually sorry. This is sort of a rare feature in humanity, as you may have noticed in life. Most people will throw out an apology whenever it suits their purposes, and this makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time. Yesterday I published a screenshot

Cathy Reisenwitz Says American Libertarians are “Super Racist”

UPDATE: Cathy has “apologized” for getting caught. Can we please just write this woman off already? How does this piece of shit get speaking slots at libertarian events with this kind of rhetoric?   Subscribe via email and never miss another post! [mc4wp_form id=”7723″]

VIDEO: What Women Want From The Libertarian Movement

It’s often asked “Why aren’t there more female libertarians?” and a number of people have attempted to answer the question, including myself. I decided to ask female libertarians, what they thought was lacking in the libertarian movement. The results might surprise you! Thank you Andrea Pisani, Toni Bones, and Tiffany Aliano, for participating in this survey! Subscribe via email and never miss another post! [mc4wp_form id=”7723″]

“Libertarian Feminism” Isn’t Brave, Hipster

This morning, on the Libertarian Brutalism Facebook group, someone posted a screen shot from a Cathy Reisenwitz blog. The quote almost led me to believe there was some hope for the terribly misled left wing propagandist who markets her madness to libertarians. The quote is as follows; Libertarianism was supposed to fix that preachy impulse in me. The best part about it is the humility it gives us to admit that we don’t know what’s best for anyone else. But

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