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Radical Agenda EP032 – The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

Radical Agenda EP032 - The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

Jeff Berwick¬†–¬†International man of mystery. Whether he’s escaping from a West Indian prison, lauding communists for their shoe collections, or ripping off customers in passport bribery schemes, there is never a dull moment for the Dollar Vigilante. From Canada to Chile, from the West Indies to Acapulco, Jeff Berwick always has a trick up his sleeve, and a story to tell. He is perpetually nipping at the heels of the Dos Equis guy for the title of most interesting man

Creating Culture on Peace News Now

Last night I had the pleasure of joining Derrick J. Freeman on his show, Peace News Now. I sort of guest hosted for the first hour of the show, having the opportunity to speak with Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, Tatiana Moroz, and Chase Rachels of the Blue Ridge Liberty Project.