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Open Borders, or Market Immigration?

Open Borders, or Market Immigration?

With Donald Trump at the forefront of the Republican presidential primary, and “refugees” pouring into Europe in record breaking numbers, immigration is a hot topic as of late. Reactions range from advocating giant walls be built, to amnesty, subsidy, citizenship, and voting rights. Whenever that great a chasm exists, there must be great controversy, and wherever such controversy exists, I must wade. For a libertarian, the answer may at first seem quite obvious, open borders. Governments have this nasty habit of

Radical Agenda EP032 – The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

Radical Agenda EP032 - The Libertarian Bernie Madoff

Jeff Berwick – International man of mystery. Whether he’s escaping from a West Indian prison, lauding communists for their shoe collections, or ripping off customers in passport bribery schemes, there is never a dull moment for the Dollar Vigilante. From Canada to Chile, from the West Indies to Acapulco, Jeff Berwick always has a trick up his sleeve, and a story to tell. He is perpetually nipping at the heels of the Dos Equis guy for the title of most interesting man

Video Alleges Passport Fraud by Jeff Berwick

Video Alleges Passport Fraud by Jeff Berwick

In a recent digest email from LewRockwell.com there was a post warning readers about passport scammers. In it, Mark Nestmann (who is also in the business of selling passports) makes vague references to a video exposing one of his unnamed competitors engaging in fraud. He makes references to a “Mexican ‘Program’” and says the fraudster is a Canadian citizen. No link to the video was provided, but I had suspected from the information provided this had something to do with Jeff

Some Garbage Podcast EP035 – Fight or Flight

Some Garbage Podcast EP035 - Fight or Flight

What is a libertarian to do in this world of statism? We often talk about how to solve the problem, but perhaps we should just resign ourselves to the certainty of our ultimate demise, and do our best to stay comfortable. Perhaps braving New Hampshire winters in hopes of fighting the evil empire and bringing down the most powerful government in the history of mankind, is not all it’s cracked up to be. Perhaps one would be better off living

Free Trade Hero Kidnapped By Coercion Cartel

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was kidnapped in Sinaloa, Mexico on Saturday. El Chapo was North America’s #1 supplier of drugs deemed “illegal” by several large groups of religious extremists who call themselves governments, or, The State. The extremists making up the coercion cartel divvy up territory geographically, but frequently work together in what some have referred to as a “New World Order”. Similarly to how the “United States” was once a relatively small power, a federation of smaller, more independent