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Christopher Cantwell

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Christopher Cantwell
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  • James Rose

    contrary to others comments about you
    i appreciate what you have said about justin in canada
    its always the bravest that go into the den first

    guys like him remind me of what a coward i see my self as at times

    • Peter Vujin

      It is more honorable to fight, and win, and not die, than to fight, and die. The hours is upon us, but not yet. Not yet!

  • Al Wolf

    this is not much of a form… fill out.

  • I have a quick question about the contact number of Some Garbage Podcast.

    In your most recent post about the upcoming podcast, you tell the reader to call 1-567-704-3182. Is that number the number the Some Garbage Podcast?

    • Christopher Cantwell

      The number for SGP is different than the number to contact me. The number listed here on the contact page is basically a voice mail that exists to record death threats. The SGP number is a different service to take calls to a podcast.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

        As always, keep up the good work

  • Joseph Perrelli

    Is the email form gone because of the hack? I wanted to send you an email regarding some free space on another website.

  • ted schroeder

    Hitler wasn’t about socialism and even executed the party members who were pushing it

  • maineiac