Radical Agenda EP198 – Pedestal

Radical Agenda EP198 - Pedestal

Like most Democrats, Hillary Clinton lies about everything. At the first presidential debate this coming Monday, she will even be deceiving the public about her height. The Clinton campaign understandably feared he being dwarfed by the 6’2″ Donald Trump, adding to the concerns that she would be embarrassed at the 90 minute, commercial free, political slugfest sure to be the most watched thing in the history of US politics. So they demanded she be able to stand on a stool as

Radical Agenda EP197 – Out Like The Taliban

Radical Agenda EP197 - Out Like The Taliban

Another sweet innocent black man was gunned down by racist police in Charlotte, NC. He did nothing wrong of course, he was simply holding a firearm and refusing to drop it while police repeatedly told him to. Obviously if he was white, holding a firearm while police yelled “DROP THE WEAPON!” would have resulted in nothing more than a cookie and a pay raise. With this conclusion in their feeble little minds, escaped farm animals rioted in the streets, looted a

Watch Me Slap This Kid

Watch Me Slap This Kid

I don’t often hit people, but when I do they tend to hit the ground like a sack of bricks. That’s what happened just outside the Free Talk Live Studio this weekend after I was invited to co-host an episode of Anarchy After Dark with Ian Freeman and Johnson Rice. The regular host of that show is named Cody, and Cody was none too appreciative of my talents on the show. We sometimes discuss things on the Radical Agenda that

Radical Agenda EP196 – Predictable

Radical Agenda EP196 - Predictable

So it seems there were a series of coordinated bombings across New York and New Jersey the other day, but we were informed by Democrats that we should not jump to conclusions as to the motives, or religious or ethnic background of the perpetrator. So we all sat quietly of course, waiting for the government to inform us what their investigation discovered about the attacker. Perhaps it would be a white supremacist, perhaps it would be Pepe himself, whatever the

Radical Agenda EP195 – Constitution Day

Radical Agenda EP195 - Constitution Day

Today is a tough one for me… I’ve been thoroughly enjoying a bit of a nationalist frenzy, antagonizing egalitarians, and stressing the importance of group preferences. So there is some level of desire to say the Constitution of the United States was some kind of divinely inspired document, spelling out to the letter, the structure of good government. Sadly, the realist in me pipes up and insists this is foolish. He is joined by my inner anarchist, and even my

Radical Agenda EP194 – Racist Frogs

Radical Agenda EP194 - Racist Frogs

The racists have really done it this time, folks. They have ruined one of the internet’s favorite mascots, Pepe the frog. Once an innocent 4chan maymay of mediocre proportions, he has now become a symbol of white nationalism amplified by David Duke supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump. Either that, or the media has completely lost their minds. One of these scenarios seems slightly more likely than the other… Now, I won’t deny that the so called “Alt Right” has made

Radical Agenda EP193 – Deplorable Collapse

Radical Agenda EP193 - Deplorable Collapse

Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving this weekend. On most days I’m hoping her heart will give out and we’ll be rid of her influence on our politics forever, but lately I find myself hoping she lives just a little bit longer. Firstly, I should say I am glad to count myself amongst the “basket of deplorables” she recently referenced while she begged for cash from wealthy race pimps. You know, those “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,

Radical Agenda EP192 – Media Madness

Radical Agenda EP192 - Media Madness

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live joins me in studio for the first hour of the show today. In case you’re new to the program, FTL is a nationally syndicated broadcast talk radio show which I used to cohost with Ian, before I was fired for a true statement which was deemed racist. I called into Free Talk Live on Wednesday after hearing the hosts say there was no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump save for their genders,

Radical Agenda EP191 – Good News

Radical Agenda EP191 - Good News

It often seems things just keep on getting worse with no end in sight. Wars, lying politicians, cultural degradation, masculinity and femininity both falling into some strange and repulsive androgynous state of grey oneness. It’s enough to make you want to start a war sometimes. Today however, seems quite different. I feel uplifted and optimistic. So many wonderful things are happening and I feel hopeful. For example, a Black Lives Matter ringleader from Ferguson has been found dead in a

Radical Agenda EP190 – Labor Day

Radical Agenda EP190 - Labor Day

I’m glad to be working today, because I hate celebrating communism. Good for you if you have the day off and all, but I despise these idiotic celebrations of “the worker” as if he were some kind of oppressed minority. If you read about the origins of labor day, you’ll hear how horrible the conditions of American workers were, before labor unions came in and saved mankind from the forces of evil capitalists. Horrors such as 12 hour days, 7

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