Radical Agenda EP147 – PorcFest Preview

Radical Agenda EP147 - PorcFest Preview

It’s that time of year again. Summer is just around the corner, and brings with it the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The yearly festival is put on by the Free State Project, a 501(c)3 corporation representing a political migration by the same name. Or purporting to represent, at least. PorcFest used to be a good time, but like many political organizations, the FSP Inc. became more interested in growing their numbers and revenues than in anything

Radical Agenda EP146 – Counter Revolution

Radical Agenda EP146 - Counter Revolution

Awhile back it occurred to me, though I didn’t bother mentioning it at the time, that I’d been using some incorrect terminology. I’ve used the terms revolution and “violent overthrow of government” interchangeably for years and that’s not entirely appropriate. The revolution already happened. Several times over, as it were. Wave after wave of left wing communist influence has swept through America. In one bloodless coup after another,. they shred America’s founding documents and principles, unraveling the very fabric of our

Radical Agenda EP145 – Diversified

Radical Agenda EP145 - Diversified

The Obama administration wants to diversify your neighborhood. All this “choice” business of allowing people to form communities around racial and economic lines is quite troubling to left wing tyrants. To hear them tell it, they just want underprivileged folks to have access to “good schools, good jobs, good transportation” which are typically lacking in welfare neighborhoods. Either they trying to destroy these communities, or somebody is failing to connect some dots here. Good jobs, schools, and transportation are not geographic

Radical Agenda EP144 – The Fascists Are Coming

Radical Agenda EP144 - The Fascists Are Coming

My new philosophy is a bit more nuanced than it used to be. Perhaps that’s not the right word, my philosophy remains the same at least so far as how the world ought to function. What’s changed is how I imagine getting there, and what I find acceptable along that path. These days I pretty much think anything that brings negative emotions to leftists is probably a good thing. The more negative the emotion, the better of course, and if it makes them

Radical Agenda EP143 – Quitter

Radical Agenda EP143 - Quitter

I’m on edge today, more than usual. I gave up smoking years ago, replacing it with the electronic cigarettes. For the last few months I’ve been slowly reducing my nicotine levels on that in the hopes of one day kicking the chemical dependency. The universe, it would seem, was not on my side. I had problem after problem in this. The unit I had broke, so I paid way too much for another one that was a completely different system

Radical Agenda EP142 – Magnificent Nonsense

Radical Agenda EP142 - Magnificent Nonsense

It has become popular as of late to say that liberalism is a mental illness, but I don’t think too many people actually realize how true this statement is. From time to time you’ll hear me say that leftists are the HIV/AIDS of our politics, attacking the immune system and destroying with force of law every healthy instinct in society. Their willingness and even insistence on holding simultaneous contradictory positions is the mark of an incapacity for reason. Mises called

Facebook “Auto Reports” Fox News

Facebook "Auto Reports" Fox News

Facebook tried desperately to quell fears it was suppressing trending topics along ideological lines. Later, leaked documents showed the trending topics question had a lot more to do with choices of Facebook staffers than anything that was actually “trending”. None of this should have come as any surprise to anyone who had been paying attention. Facebook has gone on a censoring spree, trying to turn its network into a safe space for the fragile little minds that are destroying the American

Dear Centrist

Dear Centrist

Dear Centrist, I hope this letter finds you doing well, though I realize in these tumultuous political times that might not be the case. Sadly I do not see a return to “normal” in our immediate future, and so I thought it important to reach out to you before things progress much further. I expect that with a certain degree of pride you have thought yourself quite above the fray of the “extreme” elements of the political spectrum. You may

Radical Agenda EP141 – The Butler Did It

Radical Agenda EP141 - The Butler Did It

Someday I hope to be rich and famous enough to hire my own butler. It would be nice to have someone to help with things. Ya know? Answer the door, order some food, tell a racist joke, threaten the president of the United States. That kinda stuff. The Daily Beast reported yesterday that Donald Trump’s butler “Hates ‘Negroes,’ Wanted to ‘Carpet Bomb’ Ferguson, Called ‘Killery’ Clinton a ‘C**t’” and for the first time I found myself envious of The Donald. I

Radical Agenda EP140 – Fat Activist

Radical Agenda EP140 - Fat Activist

Have you checked your “thin privilege” today? If not, you should says Virgie Tovar. She’s a self proclaimed “fat activist” and she was recently invited to speak at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health to instruct America’s future nutritionists, dietitians and social workers on the finer points of “fat oppression.” Now you might find yourself saying “Why did a bunch of nutritionists and dietitians want to hear from someone who says being morbidly obese is a healthy alternative lifestyle?” and you

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