Radical Agenda EP161 – Victim Party

Radical Agenda EP161 - Victim Party

“I’ve never felt so terrified to be a gay man in the public eye,” said 26 year old homosexual YouTube personality Calum McSwiggan. He claimed to have been assaulted outside a gay club in West Hollywood Monday by three men who shouted his and his friend’s names as they beat him. Police however, tell a different tale. They were unable to substantiate any such assault, and took McSwiggan into custody “after deputies observed him vandalizing a car.” After being booked, photographed, and placed

Radical Agenda EP160 – Next Exit

Radical Agenda EP160 - Next Exit

Texit? NHexit? Which stupid catch phrase will be the next to slither through your social media feed? Britain’s escape from the European Union has left people across the globe wondering why they tolerate the edicts of unaccountable bureaucrats from far away, and secession is back on the table for many of them. This is the most reasonable option available to any of us, of course. The idea of forcing Bernie Sanders supporters to suffer 4 or 8 years under Trump might delight

Radical Agenda EP159 – Hope?

Radical Agenda EP159 - Hope?

I cried in the car today, and it felt good. I don’t typically see the future as a very bright thing. It’s fairly unlikely you listen to me for joy and elation, as my normal routine is to spout off about how terrible everything is and all the awful things we’ll have to do to fix it. The hopelessness of democracy, the dysgenic impacts of voodoo economics, the necessity of force to stop it all. Then the British – of

Radical Agenda EP158 – Brink of Brexit

Radical Agenda EP158 - Brink of Brexit

Tomorrow the people of Britain will vote in a referendum on whether or not to remain chained to the European Union. They won’t have another such exit opportunity for a generation, and the consequences of the decision are quite dire. Now, as regular listeners are plenty well aware, I’m not big on the democratic process. The majority opinion is wrong more often than not because people by and large are incredibly stupid. When you give them the opportunity to make other people

Radical Agenda EP157 – Kenya Not?

Radical Agenda EP157 - Kenya Not?

In Kenya, homosexuality is punishable by 14 years in prison. If one is suspected of homosexuality, the police will conduct an anal examination to determine if the orifice has been used for such deviant purposes. This has been the case in Kenya for many years, but recently some left wing activists decided to challenge the law as unconstitutional. Unsurprisingly, the judge was not swayed by the leftist cause. The terms “unconstitutional” and “not supported by leftists” are not interchangeable, as

Radical Agenda EP156 – Dissent Channel

Radical Agenda EP156 - Dissent Channel

More than 50 State Department officials signed an internal memo protesting U.S. policy in Syria, calling for targeted U.S. military strikes against the regime of Bashar al-Assad and urging regime change as the only way to defeat ISIS. Because, you know, screwing around in places like Syria has worked out so well this far. Why not double down? The internal memo was sent throughout the “dissent channel,” a mechanism for State Department officials to offer alternative views on foreign policy.

Radical Agenda EP155 – Watch List

Radical Agenda EP155 - Watch List

When you don’t physically remove invaders, laws meant to control the invaders end up screwing over the domestic populace. One such example is our ever expanding “terrorist watch list” which does not bother to notify its not so exclusive membership of their inclusion on its pages, nor does it provide any means by which to figure out why you were included, or any means by which to get removed. In some cases this can prevent you from boarding a plane,

Radical Agenda EP154 – Pulse

Radical Agenda EP154 - Pulse

The news was so slow over the weekend I was tempted to cancel the show today. I mean, there was that shooting at the gay night club carried out by the ISIS fighter who was son of Afghan migrants, but is that really newsworthy? This is less surprising to me than the Paris attacks. But the good news is, at least this time no innocent people were hurt. I hope my hyperindividualistic audience members will grant me some space to explore demographics

Radical Agenda EP153 – Raping Culture

Radical Agenda EP153 - Raping Culture

I tore into some lunatics on the street yesterday, and while there are plenty of more discussion worthy events in the news today, I figure we’re going to have to discuss this one. I saw these feminist maniacs protesting “rape culture” in Central Square and decided to go talk to them on camera. Predictably they started uttering complete bullshit, so I stopped being polite and told them off rather belligerently. It’s a change in strategy that came as a result of

How To Debate Rape Culture

How To Debate Rape Culture

Today I came upon some feminists who were protesting “rape culture” in Keene, New Hampshire’s Central Square. It’s a popular destination for activists of differing viewpoints thanks to the constant stream of traffic and high visibility. Unfortunately, no viewpoint is quite so toxic as that of the feminist. Particularly feminists of the “rape culture” fringe variety. They are trying to redefine the term rape in order to fit a twisted worldview where men are perpetually victimizing women like some kind of

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