An Equal And Opposite Reaction

An Equal And Opposite Reaction

If you have been paying any attention to the goings on in libertarian circles over the last few years, you would probably have a difficult time not noticing the massive buildup of left wing lunacy that has been boiling over as of late. Misandry parading as feminism, anti-white sentiment disguised as anti-racism, crackpot economic theories, promotion of deviant sexual behaviors, pacifism, drugs, you name it. Libertarianism is being laughed out of the human consciousness because so many of those calling themselves

Planned Parenthood Shooter – Scanner Feed

Planned Parenthood Shooter - Scanner Feed

Oddly enough, it appears someone has become quite upset about a baby murder mill. There is an active shooter story ongoing at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Upwards of 20 shots have been fired. At least three police officers have been injured, and possibly a number of abortion providers. We haven’t heard if there were any innocent people hurt. 150 people are inside. Gunfire erupted recently after a two hour lull. Officers have eyes on the shooter, according to the scanner feed.

Radical Agenda EP067 – White Friday

Radical Agenda EP067 - White Friday

Diversity is on display as shoppers clamor to get the best deals on cheap consumer goods across America. Brawls are breaking out as limited supplies of deeply discounted products create fierce competitions in which some competitors are resorting to violence. It is a truly pathetic display of a society and culture descended into filth. Not to be outdone, some are showing their moral superiority by escalating already catastrophic racial tensions. The Black Lives Matter terrorists are holding “Black Lives Not Black Friday” protests

Radical Agenda EP066 – Thanksgiving

Radical Agenda EP066 - Thanksgiving

Maybe it’s just the television, but I’m feeling nostalgic about the patriotism I used to feel. Righteous opposition to government gave way to toxic hatred of my civilization. That sucks. Let’s take a break from the anti-American crap. America did some great things, as it turns out, and there is good reason for that. The people who built this country were the best Europe had to offer. Rugged men and women who dared to take a potentially lethal journey across a

Radical Agenda EP065 – Apocalypse

Radical Agenda EP065 - Apocalypse

The news yesterday was so crazy, that even as an atheist, if the next headline to cross my newsfeeds read “Jesus has returned to judge the living and the dead” I’d have simply said “That certainly explains a lot”. To make matters worse, these headlines were all the beginnings of things, not ends. So we can be sure that by the time I go on air, situations will have gotten considerably worse. The conflict in Syria has reached a startling

#BlackLivesMatter Animals Got What They Deserved

#BlackLivesMatter Animals Got What They Deserved

When a mass political movement is sparked by sympathy for violent criminals, culminates in race riots and arson, and is amplified by the Democratic Party and President of the United States, we have no right to act surprised when it results in death. Unfortunately, nobody died when a group of whites shot 5 blacks at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Minneapolis last night. Unsurprisingly, leftist outfits are trying to portray it as a story of white supremacists terrorising peaceful protesters. But even by their

I Need A Pinochet!

I Need A Pinochet!

Have you ever just gotten so sick of left wing nonsense that you just wanted a right wing coup d’état to come in and start executing liberals? You’re not alone, I sometimes feel this way myself. Today I felt so strongly about it, I decided to write a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go. To the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero” – This is “I Need A Pinochet!” Play in new window |

Radical Agenda EP064 – The Hunting Ground

Radical Agenda EP064 - The Hunting Ground

If you actually believe that 1 in 5 women are raped on campus, then perhaps you’re entirely too stupid to be in college. On the other hand, you’re perfect for a job at CNN. So I suppose this is sort of a coin toss if you decide truth and falsehood based on the benefits provided to you due to your beliefs. Sunday night, CNN aired “The Hunting Ground”, an absurd propaganda film so fraught with lies that even leftist outfits

Radical Agenda EP063 – Manstruation

Radical Agenda EP063 - Manstruation

Something truly terrible is happening to the men of our societies. Thursday was International Men’s Day and the accompanying hashtag #InternationalMensDay was trending on Twitter. I was of course quite eager to click and see all the wonderful things being said about men. We are so frequently demeaned and treated badly, it only seemed right there would be at least one day a year when we were celebrated. I was quickly reminded that there is no such thing as appreciation

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