Radical Agenda EP099 – Showdown

Radical Agenda EP099 - Showdown

Finally! Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went to the mattresses last night on MSNBC in a knock down drag out contest to see who could more efficiently con the American people into handing the entirety of their lives over to the United States Federal Government. It went well beyond the normal “I’ll gibsudat” of the prior debates, descending into personal attacks and questions of judgement and integrity. It was a brutal war of words between a felon and a communist, each daring

Radical Agenda EP098 – It’s Happening!

Radical Agenda EP098 - It's Happening!

The Free State Project has officially reached its goal of convincing 20,000 “liberty minded people” to sign a pledge that they will move to New Hampshire within 5 years. This “triggers the move” for the largest libertarian political migration on planet Earth, and soon, some indeterminable number of pledge signers will descend upon the Granite State. Some celebrate, others dread, and still others wait anxiously to see what will become of it. Will the project be a complete flop? After more than

Radical Agenda EP097 – Black History Month

Radical Agenda EP097 - Black History Month

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Black History Month! It is a special time when we honor just a few of the many contributions black folks have made to our history, culture, and economy. A much needed break from the anglocentric cis-hetero-patriarchy that oppresses the downtrodden masses. Originally dubbed “Nego History Week” when it was started back in 1926, the very special commemoration was to coincide with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12th. Lincoln is an important figure

Radical Agenda EP096 – Psychosis

Radical Agenda EP096 - Psychosis

Bernie Sanders released his medical records today, and doctors report he is in good health. Although, their definition of “good health” seems somewhat odd to me, since Sanders is on medication to treat hypothyroidism – the same disorder that afflicts his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. I had not been aware of Mrs. Clinton’s condition before today, but seeing as to how hypothyroidism seems to be popular amongst prominent Democrats, and the thyroid is tied to one’s emotional state, I decided to

Fash Britannia Episode 15: America the Beautiful

Fash Britannia Episode 15: America the Beautiful

This Sunday I had the opportunity to join “Fash Britannia”, another fine production from TheRightStuff.biz, as a guest. Their description is posted below Continuing in the series of the British Empire/Commonwealth podcasts, the Privy Council (Cathy, Welga, and Ollie)are joined by the most belligerent of colonists, Christopher Cantwell, Jazzhands McFeels and How About This. They talk about Trump, Islaaaaam, Brexit, and countless other things. 2:45 Trump update 32:08 Britain First Christian patrols 39:00 Overton window 46:30 Joining ISIS: a new

Radical Agenda EP095 – Dead Cowboy

Radical Agenda EP095 - Dead Cowboy

A good man died yesterday. Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 55 years of age, leaves behind 11 children, 19 grandchildren, and his wife of 23 years after the standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon reached the all too predictable result of a shootout. Seven others are in custody, including protest leaders Ryan and Ammon Bundy. Other demonstrators still occupy the reserve, and authorities have set up checkpoints around the occupied facility. The seven in custody also includes  Ryan W. Payne, 32,

Radical Agenda EP094 – The Libertarian Case for Trump

Radical Agenda EP094 - The Libertarian Case for Trump

We don’t usually air on Sundays, but tomorrow there is a “We Are Breitbart” Meetup in Manchester which I would like to attend that conflicts with our regularly scheduled program. So rather than skip it, or leave you without a show, we’ll do one early. This evening, Sunday January 24th from 9pm until whenever, we’ll go live. There will be no Monday show this week. There’s plenty to get to, but I have been asked many times about my support of

Radical Agenda EP093 – Skirts

Radical Agenda EP093 - Skirts

Rapists, terrorists, and foreign invaders of all stripes are surely terrified after the people of Amsterdam took a bold stand against rampant sexual assault complaints across Europe. Rather than give into fear and demand their governments stop subsidizing their own invasion, these men took to the streets in skirts to protest sexism and xenophobia. That’s right, rather than stand and fight the androcentric culture that is utterly dominating and taking over their civilization, they put on women’s clothing and marched through

Radical Agenda EP092 – Cuddle Party

Radical Agenda EP092 - Cuddle Party

If you find yourself incapable of building intimate relationships or getting other people to touch you softly, there is a service available to you. Cuddle parties. Gone are the days when one’s need for human companionship drove them to build and maintain healthy relationships, get married and raise children. Today if you want sex, you watch porn, swipe on Tinder, or hire a prostitute. But of course, short of paying a premium for the genuine “GFE” or “Girlfriend Experience” this

Radical Agenda EP091 – Against Commons

Radical Agenda EP091 - Against Commons

Whether it’s a question of freedom of speech, immigration, public nudity, drug use, drunk driving, or just about any other political question, the source of the problem is almost universally overlooked. People talk about abstract concepts like “rights” and “morality” and “law” and “equality” and “fairness” but whatever meaning or value we each may or may not assign to any of these terms, they do not exist in the physical universe. I’m a big fan of the concept of morality,

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