Radical Agenda EP231 – We’ll Do It Live!

Radical Agenda EP231 - We'll Do It Live!

I’ve taken a few days off from doing the live show, and without digging through all the details I’ll just say I’ve been taking that time to deal with some personal issues and get some sobriety under my belt. But today we’ll do a live episode of the show in the fashion you are all accustomed to. There’s plenty to get to, like women getting their hair cut in resistance to the coming Trump administration. One woman says she will no longer “look

Radical Agenda EP230 – The Mercy Of The Other – Part 2

Radical Agenda EP229 - The Mercy Of The Other - Part 1

Today’s episode picks up where episode 229 left off, as the second part of a 12+ hour recording I recently put together for your listening enjoyment. I am taking some time away from the camera and microphone out of necessity. While some portions of this recording are theatrical, fictional, or exaggerated in nature, regular listeners will recall I began drinking again in August after nearly 8 months of sobriety following a very difficult breakup and my child being aborted without

Radical Agenda EP229 – The Mercy Of The Other – Part 1

Radical Agenda EP229 - The Mercy Of The Other - Part 1

Today’s show will take on a different format than we are used to. I have about twelve hours of audio that I’ve recorded offline, which will be presented in two hour segments while I avoid live cameras to work on some personal issues. What you are about to hear is a dramatization of true and false events. I’ll be speaking as though all the things people say about me are true, and this certainly does not reflect the actual state

Radical Agenda EP228 – Fleddit

Radical Agenda EP228 - Fleddit

Facebook is “cracking down” on “fake news”, which, in the minds of their staff, is any piece of content whose perspective dares to stray rightward of Elizabeth Warren. Twitter, not to be outdone, is banning Twitter accounts belonging to prominent figures of the so called Alt Right (of which I am proud to be counted, for the fourth time), despite hemorrhaging cash and users and stock value in the process. By now we’re all familiar with the practices of these larger

Radical Agenda EP227 – Kokesh vs. Invictus

Radical Agenda EP227 - Kokesh vs. Invictus

As mentioned previously, we’re getting started a little late today, 7:00pm-9:00pm instead of our usual 5-7 slot. Adam Kokesh and Augustus Invictus are scheduled to debate tonight at 7:30pm Eastern on the Liberty Hangout channel. I got their permission to simulcast the audio on my show and make commentary throughout, similarly to how we did the “Defacing the Debate” series during the Republican primary. Adam Kokesh is best known for his podcast Adam vs the Man. Augustus Invictus is well known

Starting the live show late today

I just sent out an email and social media notice that I intended to start the show late today, from 7-9pm. It was then brought to my attention that there is a live debate between Adam Kokesh and Augustus Invictus at 7:30, and now I’m trying to decide if I want to cover it live or further delay the show so I can talk about it after. I’ll update this post and send out an email after I decide.

Radical Agenda EP226 – Door Busters

Radical Agenda EP226 - Door Busters

Seasons beatings, a familiar headline at the Drudge Report this time of year. People are trampling and assaulting one another for the chance to obtain some discount electronics that they will probably drop in the toilet before next summer. Calls to ban the sales in the name of familial harmony gratefully fall on mostly deaf ears, while people refuse to address anything more substantial than the immediate symptoms of the societal breakdown they keep cheering for every day. People are

Radical Agenda EP225 – Heil Victory

Radical Agenda EP225 - Heil Victory

Some very deplorable people gathered in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to celebrate the white nationalist victory that totally propelled Donald Trump into the White House. Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI) met with approximately 200 attendees and about half as many protesters at the Ronald Reagan Building. Eleven hours of speakers and musical guests had gone by before Spencer himself stepped up to the podium for a riveting talk about recent events and the rise of white identity politics in

Instead of a Live Show Today

Instead of a Live Show Today

As regular Radical Agenda listeners will already be aware, we normally air live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern. A few times we’ve had to start late, but before today I’ve only cancelled one show. Today will make two. I’ll have to skip the live show today, but in its place I offer you my appearance on Liberty Hangout yesterday. We discussed the alt-right, immigration, throwing leftists out of helicopters, physically removing Democrats and communists, and of course the

Radical Agenda EP224 – Free Phone Friday

Radical Agenda EP224 - Free Phone Friday

Last night and today have been kind of hectic for me. My roommate of two years is moving out (on completely good terms) and for the first time in many years I’ll be living alone once again. The catch is, I’ve spent all day preparing to expand beyond my little studio/bedroom here, so I’m running a bit late and show prep is lacking. So instead of our normal 5-7pm Eastern slot, I’ll ask you to join me closer to 6:30pm

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